Hate Slogans Appear on College Wall in Tangmarg- ‘We Promote Love and Unity’ Says College

June 07

Sajad Hameed

After a trivial tussle in Chandilura in Tangmarg area of North Kashmir’s Baramulla district between two groups of youth from Kunzer in Tangmarg and Chandilura in the same North Kashmir belt, slogans asking students to not enter the Government Degree college in Chandilura have appeared on the wall of the GDC Chandilura.

Students speaking to The Kashmiriyat said that they have been scared to enter the college premises since the event took place.“Kunzer Banned” slogans have appeared on the walls of the GDC in Chandilura area of Tangmarg, they said.

The hate slogans have created panic among the students. “I personally don’t think these messages are appropriate and this is not a solitary incident of such type, there has been a constant hate campaign against students from Kunzer in the college without any reason,” a passed out student from Kunzer told The Kashmiriyat.

Some of the students from Kunzer also alleged that out of fear, they skipped the exams, however upon contacting the Principal of the Chandilura college, Professor Ghulam Nabi Pala, The Kashmiriyat was informed that “the exams saw a healthy attendance of students.”

The students of the Kunzer area alleged that the slogans appeared on the wall of the college on 23 May around 2 50 PM, however the claim was refuted by the College, saying that the slogan appeared on the college wall on Eid day.

ofessor Pala said that the issue has never come to his notice from the students. “There was nothing on the walls, a day before Eid, it has all happened as a result of a small fight between two groups of youth from Tangmarg and Chandilura.” We also contacted the Police who have launched an investigation into the issue.

He said that the college administration never supports such remarks or slogans. “A teacher or a college always promotes unity and brotherhood in the society. As soon as we noticed these slogans, we got them erased from the walls of the college.”

A Police official posted in the area upon being contacted by The Kashmiriyat said that the Jammu Kashmir Police has registered an FIR in this regard and started investigation into the matter of the fight between two groups of students on the Eid day. (The Kashmiriyat)