“He Said I will be back in Half an Hour, Next Day His Dead Body Did”- Family of Achabal Civilian Demands ‘Justice’

June 20

Waris Shah

Fayaz Ahmed Mir is in a complete disbelief of his son having become one of the victims of the ongoing bloodshed in the Kashmir valley. Being a spectator of the ongoing violence that has gripped the valley in the aftermath of the killing of Burhan Wani on July 08, 2016, Fayaz says he never thought he would become a victim as he managed to keep his family distant from the conflict.

“We were working in our field and at a distance an encounter was going on, it is the season of transplanting in Kashmir- he was busy with us in the field, him being the youngest, we asked him to go home which is at a distance of 500 meters from the site of the encounter. As he left the site, we asked him to be careful,” His father told The Kashmiriyat.

Nasir Ahmed, Fayaz’s son looked at his mother and said, “i will be safe and back in half an hour.” As the firing at the encounter site started again, the worries of the family grew and they soon started looking for Nasir, however they could not find him. As the day grew darker, the concern of the family also grew. “We went to the Police station to inquire if they had arrested Nasir, however they denied so and they promised us that they will help the family in tracing him.” They family, in conversation with The Kashmiriyat, said that they could not sleep the entire night. “The family waited for him to come back, his mother kept looking at the door in anticipation of her son opening the door and coming back to the house,” his uncle told The Kashmiriyat.

“By early morning, we started receiving calls from many unknown numbers, we picked up one and a cloud of grief fell upon us all when we were informed that Nasir’s body had been found by the locals near the encounter site in a field,” one of his family members said.

They said that Nasir had received bullet wounds, one in his chest and one near his arm, he was found lying in a pool of blood few meters away from the encounter site. There is no clarity as to what actually transpired on the day, however, Locals alleged that he was shot dead by the Army when they were departing from the site of encounter after killing one Militant.

On Monday morning, the 19RR of Indian Army, Jammu Kashmir Police and CRPF laid a siege around Badoora area in Achabal following an input about Militant movement, the siege soon transited into an encounter, one Militant, one Major was killed- four troopers injured.

Clashes soon raged near the encounter site, protesters were injured, Nasir, as per family members was 23 years old and was pursuing a technical course at Government Industrial Training Institute at Ashajipora area of the District.

An official said that they soon sent a doctor to Nasir’s home to check if Nasir was alive, however the doctor soon revealed that he had died due to excessive loss of blood. He said that Police is investigating what actually transpired on the day.

A father, however has lost his son- whose mother keeps looking at the door in anticipation of her son storming through the gate and asking for food.

Kashmir valley has been gripped by a deadly violence as the toll of deaths of civilians, Militants and Government Forces keeps on rising and it has tarnished thousands of lives, many mothers losing their sole bread earning sons and many fathers shouldering the coffin of their young sons.

The raging violence has cut-short the dreams of thousands of families and youth, who have become a victim of the decade’s long violence in the region claimed by both India and Pakistan.

Nasir is survived by a younger brother and sister, his parents.