Hospital in Tral Without a Doctor For Last 11 Years

July 14

Nawaz Ibn Ahad

The  Allopathic centre,  now a Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Satura area of Tral in South Kashmir, meant for providing health care facilities to dozens of villages in Aripal belt of Tral, has turned into a nightmare for the inhabitants, given the hospital’s lack of basic facilities and dearth of doctors.

Locals from the area speaking to The Kashmiriyat said, “Not a single doctor is present at this hospital now from the last 11 years , The doctors who were posted here Retired as an administrative officers of the department, adding that, this new type PHC tag is merely on paper and instead the hospital lacks everything a PHC should have”.

A resident Abdul Rashid Bhat told The Kashmiriyat that although the hospital has  another structure which is under construction, But years on , the structure hasn’t been completed yet , Due to which the common people suffer the most.

“We have brought this issue to the notice of higher ups several times, but our repeated pleas were unnoticed,”

Many patients are forced to go to Nearby PHC Aripal or Sub-district hospital and other private clinics, the locals alleged.

Local resident Ghulam Ahmed Bhat questioning the the purpose of having a PHC building without doctors said “What is the purpose of this PHC if it doesn’t help us in anyway?

“This new Type PHC caters to a huge population of almost ten villages including Guttroo , Nargistan, Chak, Zoostan, Hajan, Preungam, Dragad and Wanthnaad  villages. However, the PHC has failed to meet the expectations of patients due to lack of a doctor,” said Sarpanch , Habibullah Mir in conversation with The Kashmiriyat.

“Although this Allopathic centre was established 40 years ago and Upto 2008, it was full fledged and blown with Doctors but now the Centre has gone up into soup.

The New building of the PHC is under construction, But the PHC has staff of one pharmacist , Dealing with patients, one FMHW, a nursing orderly and one sweeper.