Hospital- Less for Patients More for Rats- Rats Giving Nightmares to Patients at Sherbagh Hospital

July 11

Kashmir’s ailing healthcare is often in news for the wrong reasons, in yet another shameful incident Rats are giving nightmares to patients and their attendants at Maternity and Child care hospital (MCH) in Sherbagh area of Islamabad (anantnag) district.

A patient speaking to The Kashmiriyat said that dozens are rats openly roam on the floor and the beds of the hospital at  MCH Sherbagh, giving tough time to patients, who spend most of their time wooing away the rats.

“My child was admitted in the hospital, he had slept, around 1 am in the night, i went out to have tea, as i returned i found three rats on his head, after which i went and spoke to the hospital officials, who promised to address the issue,” Mohammed Ramzan, whose son was admitted in the hospital said.

On visiting the hospital, the team of The Kashmiriyat found plenty of rat holes in the hospital and rats roaming freely on the floor and the beds of the hospital especially during the night time, causing troubles to the inward patients.

Various complaints have reached officials, however no actions has been initiated as of yet, the complaints are ranging from misbehavior of hospital staff with the patients and the non availability of doctors during early and night hours.