If India, Pakistan Go to War, Smoke Will Cover the Whole World for Years, 1 To 2 Billion Will Die of Starvation

February 28

Tensions have escalated between between India and Pakistan in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack. In such warlike amid sitch, human life should be the priority to safeguard.

In the history of human civilization, No fight, or No war has bestowed any fruitful result to any country or to anyone on earth. If a war occurs between India and Pakistan, it will give devastating results, not only for the two countries but the world on a whole.

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Both the Asian powers have nuclear bombs, and war between them will definitely result in a long severe disaster which is unimaginable, at least to the news anchors trying to push war between the two neighbours.

In TEDx Talks, a professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, Brian Toon, explains the adverse effects of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan happens. If any war takes place between the two countries, it will lead to the lack of light and cold temperatures, agriculture food imbalance throughout the world for years.

“Within Two Weeks, The Smoke That Would rise because of the bombing would engulf the entire Globe and It Would Rise To Altitudes Between 20 And 50 Miles above the Surface Where It Never Rains and as a Result, The Smoke Would Stay There For Years.”

If India And Pakistan War Happens, The Entire World will Face Hunger Crisis, Leading To 1 To 2 Billion Deaths Bacause Of Starvation, Brian explains.

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“India and Pakistan produces 10-40% of wheat, rice, and corns and if war happens, the world will face reduction in agricultural food,”

Living in 21st Century, the world is moving towards betterment, nobody wants to fight a war in the modern world. And if any such situation arises anywhere in the world, we humans and offspring will suffer the barbarity caused by us.