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December 22

“I'm not a pacifist by any stretch of the imagination, but the older I've gotten the less I understand the political end of war. I would love to see a day when all those men in national capitals decide they want to go to war for nebulous reasons and the common men and scientists and engineers refuse to go. If it's that important, let those men in parliaments fight it out”

To Find True Political conviction, beliefs that move humans, they must be tested, lived, embodied just as a suicide bomber, horribly embodies theirs. The RSS abides by its truth while the Anti RSS stick to their own truth and ears have ceased to exist. It is necessary to confront a painful abandonment. It is confronting to believe that the Governments can provide for us and protect us. Government wants us to believe it and we want to believe them. They want us to believe our country, that they rule is the preeminent and we are the unique creatures, the finely carved ones, and the best of them all. Unfortunately, it is ever more evident that this comfortable pact between us rests upon weak foundations indeed.

The unending tussle between the elected Representatives and various stakeholders whose ideology is not accommodated by the popular Governments ultimately leads us into a state of Anarchy. The genocide in the Syrian Nation since 2011 is a failed attempt of President Bashar Al Assad terribly falling short of boarding all stake holders. The appalling tussle leads to an intense genocide of civilians.  The curious cases of Baltimore and Ferguson inside the mainland of the United States, again is a failed attempt of the popular governments to connect with the stakeholders, the public opinion. Mostly the elected Governments use military might to crush the rights of these stakeholders, the public. Elsewhere, wealthy philanthropists, Political industrialists, eminent journalists use their financial pull and foundations to promote the political interests of the Governments or to launder the public rights and in many nations they keep the public engaged on Televisions and Linking Adhaar Cards (Read Keeping a vigil on citizens), Ration Cards, Pan cards, Clean and Make Campaigns, Tax Reforms.  It is not only big business that engages in lobbying business to complete in the jammed and dissonant legislatures of the modern halls of modern “democratic” legislatures anyone with axe to follow the same tactics of laundering public funds and paying the same to the Governments we elect.

There may be a twist in the traditional understanding of the programs put forth. “The Government of India has spent only 94 crore only on radio, Print and Television ads to promote the ‘CLEAN-INDIA campaign’, This activities may glitter beneficial, but they all share one common characteristic throughout the globe, No accountability to the stakeholders. In a “democratic” setup, the accord between the citizen and the Government is never clear. You can never spend an entire life obeying orders and laws, paying taxes, without once being asked whether you wish to sign the accord or stay out of it. The Elected Government insists to be informed on your birth and intimated about your death. And at no point does it seek your consent or a continual feedback about its working or your life which democratic setup provides space for, at least in theory.

The media too is an enterprise with a few men to rule it and influence the public opinion and notion it in a harmless “productive” conduct. The “rape” of a doctor makes a hue and cry, an entire nation roars on the streets, the same people dastardly rest in their bedrooms expressing anguish and anger watching the news of the same happening with a girl from a remote area who comes from a different class of people, on the elite media. “Save Tigers” campaign garnered a colossal support, farmers committing suicide is often concealed. Sometimes substantial truth which may lead to critics against fanatic traditionalism are concealed, the facts may also evoke anger and lead to an outstretched public outrage or an enlightened public opinion.

The people in power however are the master funders to the news enterprises in the form of advertisements. The elite capitalist hierarchy tries to maintain its hegemony over the other “middle class and the poor class” of the society to shape the progressive society or the society towards “progress”. The progress though exaggerates the fissures between classes of rich and poor.


“Ballot is the only answer”


Al Jazeera reported on the 17th of March 2014 “Indian Politicians distribute Freebies including Cows, Goats, and laptops to woo voters”. “In Afghan elections, signs of systemic fraud many cast doubt on many votes” NY times In Brazil, the commoners rely and bank upon the elections being an independent source of democratically electing their candidates however a lot of flaws have been found in the E Voting system as the machines do not produce a physical proof that the vote has been recorded. It is strongly believed that Political party Agents caste votes many a times. From Iraqi parliamentary election in 2010 and Syrian parliamentary election 2012 to Egyptian election 2014 and Ukranian Elections, 2014, we have substantial evidences to contradict the thought of ballot being the ultimate power or answer as there as always the “Power dominance” factor that corners the ballot.

The advent of internet has released a wave of enthusiasts who believe that democracy can be improved, saved perhaps. Though internet has its drawbacks too, a problem with “internet democracy” was revealed when the new regime of Barack Obama in U.S asked the citizens to submit their ideas “virtually” to the president. The most votes for received for legalizing marijuana and allowing Online Poker. It garnered votes thrice more than “raising funds for Childhood cancer” But Innumerable Social Networking websites where petitions can be created and propagated on any topic ranging from pushing the “Indonesian President to probe ‘national police corruption cases’ to freeing the imprisoned Burmese democratic leader Aung San Kyi. The internet in the last few years condensed the business of politics, elite public opinion, and eminent journalist franchisees. The internet handsomely acted as an “Alternate Media” gathering thousands of conscious against the Non state backed militants like ISIS, state sponsored terrorism, the continuous genocide in Palestine, the attempt to suppress Free Speech (Charlie Hebdo) in France, the attempt to muzzle the active resistance of people of people in Ferguson. It is clearly evident that internet played a chief player in the “Arab Spring.”

“A Tweet can land you into jail” Reported, The Washington Post over jailing of a plastic packaging businessman In India.


The ultimate Solution


The states develop a notion that belonging to a particular state makes them have some special place in the world as if being an American, an Indian makes you some sort of superior person or in a higher caste than the rest of the world. From India's point of view there are two kinds of people, Indians and foreigners. Indian politicians think that foreigners have no privacy rights and that there isn't even a debate as to whether or not India can collect any information about them. From the Indian perspective foreigners are a subhuman class. They are all terrorist suspects.

From the ancient Greek wars to the Gulf wars, From the Mexican-American wars to world wars the enormous hunger power has cost a greater cause of humanity a millions of lives.

The nation theory, the concept of nationalism, the battle for power, has always emerged in contrast with a larger humanitarian perspective. Nearly one in every hundred people on Earth today has been forced to flee their home in search of safety elsewhere. The vast majority are running from entirely man-made disasters that have unfolded under the watch of an increasingly lethargic UN Security Council. The war in Middle East which has swept across continents with the saddening figures of violence, killings and displacements. The Security Council is to officially crush, stamp out any conflict that threatens international peace and security, but due to a “proud” division between its power mongers, nationalists from Western and Eastern wings, it’s by standing a deadlock. The often evaluated period of Cold War is apt, because then, as now, the Security Council was virtually paralyzed. And due to this state of paralysis, the international community formulated an alternate plan for dealing with urgent threats to peace and security of a global planet.


This happened in the form of a 1950 General Assembly resolution called ‘Uniting for Peace’. Uniting for Peace basically states that if the Security Council is so divided that it is unable “to exercise its primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security” that the General Assembly (a UN body where all States have equal voting rights) can call an emergency session and take control of the matter. That can include taking any action up to and including the use of force which was Originally a US-led ploy for bypassing the Soviet veto during the Korean War, both ‘sides’ in the Cold War sporadically used Uniting for Peace to try to force action on issues important to them but in the current chaotic scenario, the world needs peacekeepers and their united body which holds no barriers of caste and nations to restore global peace.

During the Spanish War from 1936-39, nearly 30,000 people from more than 50 nations volunteered to fight against the nationalist Armies of General Franco. People, many of these volunteers gave up their Jobs, Homes, family to resist the potential threat of fascism to the Globe. The volunteers gathered fought in several key battles with antique, inadequate weapons and played a vital role in many battles including the Battle of Madrid. Out of these 10,000 were killed and 8,000 were killed. Many of them received Heroic receptions back home on their return.

Nationalism is not an ultimate poison though but too much nationalism is no less than poison too as it also motivates some to carry out the will of a nation at all costs, often in the form of attacking others. It tends to blind people. It would be a gross oversimplification to say people are notionised by states and those in power, but rather they are forced to conform to the mandated passion for the nation, sacrificing personal values.


The Author is a Journalist from South Kashmir and a ‘News Editor’ at ‘The Kashmiriyat.’ He can be emailed at

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