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Class 11 Exams On 12 August Postponed

Friday, 11 August 2017 14:25 Written by

August 11

The state board of School Education (BOSE) on Friday postponed the exams of class 11th scheduled to be held on 12 August.

In a notification issued by BOSE, the exams scheduled on 12 August were postponed for the 16th day of August.

"All the Term 1 and Term 2 Exams happening on 12 August will now be held on August 16th" the notification read.

Kashmir University Postpones all exams from 12-14 August

Friday, 11 August 2017 11:41 Written by

The Kashmir University has postponed all the University Examinations scheduled to be held w.e.f 12/08/2017 to 14/08/2017 due to "certain circumstances".

The fresh dates have not been announced yet. 

The examination of Urdu (MIL) Group-I and Urdu Literature Group-IV of BG 2nd Semester (CBCS) shall be held on 22/08/2017 and 23/08/2017 respectively.

Islamic University Postpones all Exams Scheduled for Tomorrow

Thursday, 03 August 2017 13:01 Written by

August 03

The Islamic University of Science and Technology, Awantipora  has postponed all the examinations scheduled on 04-08-2017.

The University as per a notification IUST/Exam-Deptt/postpone/17/1128 has notified that exams in all departments have been postponed.

The Notice also read that New dates will be notified separately.

Educational Institutes Across Kashmir to remain closed on 2 Aug, KU postpones Exams

Tuesday, 01 August 2017 13:09 Written by

August 01

Educational Institutes in Kashmir valley will remain closed tomorrow as a precautionary measure.

The authorities have ordered the closure of all educational institutes in the Kashmir valley post the killing of LeT Kashmir chief, Abu Dujana.

Meanwhile Kashmir University has also postponed all the exams scheduled on 2 August.

Dujana was killed along with a local Militant Aarif Nabi.

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10 Basic Rights Of A Muslim Wife in Islam

Friday, 14 July 2017 09:15 Written by

In the escalating cases of Domestic violence, when men justify everything in the name of religion. The Kashmiriyat makes a small attempt to put the basic Rights of a Muslim Wife, she has been guaranteed by Islam:


1. He should have the best manners with his wife. His wife should see the best of his manners. It is said that some men have the best manners out in the market , but when he goes home he is a ferocious lion! Kind to strange women in the markets but not to his wife in the home. The best of you are the best of you to your wives. There is no good in you if you want to help your friends but not your wife, there is no good in you if you are kind to your friends and not your wife. Combine the two , and that is good.

2. To be kind to her more than you are to anyone.

3. Not to harm her as in words or physically. 

4. To be loving to her, examples:

  • Loving to her with your tongue. Nice words, tell her you love her. Tell her how good she looks.

  • If your wife asks you to get her something and you can’t get it , say I’ll get it inshaa’Allaah.

  • That the man beautifies himself with that which is reasonable, (not intimating women).

  • From being loving to your wife is that you help her with housework. This is from the example of the prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam)

  • That he is to be playful with his wife.

  • Sharing food with her.

  • Sleep under the same cover.

5. That the men must not curse or swear at his wife, or insult her appearance.

6. A man must not boycott her and if he does (for a valid reason) he should do it inside of the home.

7. A man should not expose the secrets of his wife.

8. A man should not hate his wife. Exalt the good and minimise her shortcomings. A man should not be angry at her faults and should look at her good. To look only good in her.

9. That he should make things easy upon her e.g. The chores and what he requires from her.

10. 2. To spend upon her, to feed her. Not to be excessive in this and not to be stingy.

Did you see Burhan on the Moon?

Sunday, 09 July 2017 06:24 Written by

July 09

On Saturday night thousands of locals in Kashmir, came out on the streets, after a rumour of Moon depicting the photo of slain Burhan commander spread in the nooks and corners of Kashmir. People came out on the streets to sight the moon. The rumour spread through phone calls from north to south. 'The Kashmiriyat' tells how our brain helps creates images of whatever we want to see on the moon. The study was published on National Geographic.

"When you first look at the moon, you pretty much see light areas and dark areas, and some are more gray than others," said planetary geologist Cassandra Runyon of the College of Charleston, in South Carolina. "The lighter areas are the mountains, often referred to as the highlands. The dark areas are volcanic—the mare, which is Latin for 'seas.'"

In the contours and colors of the lunar surface, people can find meaningful figures for the same reason that we "see" the face of Elvis in a potato chip or Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich. It's just the way our brains work.

"The brain is really a predictive organ," said Nouchine Hadjikhani, a neuroscientist at Harvard University. "We try to find sense in the noise all the time, and we fill things with information."

The phenomenon of seeing faces where there are none is a form of information-filling called pareidolia. It's something all humans do.

Looking for Meaning

Joel Voss, a cognitive neuroscientist at Northwestern University, Chicago, is studying how our brains help us ascribe meaning to otherwise random assortments of shapes and lines. In studies, he has presented research participants with computer-generated squiggly lines—meaningless shapes derived from triangles or circles—and asked subjects whether the shapes resemble something meaningful.

"About half end up being meaningful, on average," Voss said.

Voss used FMRI—a neuroimaging procedure that measures brain activity by tracking changes in blood flow—to study the brain regions activated when a person sees the squiggles. He found that the same areas involved in processing actual, meaningful images lit up when the squiggles were viewed.

"To your visual system, there's no difference between a picture of a frog and some weird collection of dots and lines you've never seen before that vaguely resembles a frog," Voss said. "Your brain is very happy to treat those things as the same thing."

Brain Wiring and Storytelling

Why do our brains do this? In The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, astronomer Carl Sagan offered a possible explanation. Perhaps recognizing faces, even in vague shapes, was evolutionarily advantageous, Sagan suggested: "Those infants who a million years ago were unable to recognize a face smiled back less, were less likely to win the hearts of their parents, and less likely to prosper," he wrote.

Voss proposes another explanation. Think of the human brain as a flexible, all-purpose machine meant to succeed in whatever random environment it inhabits. To triumph in strange places, Voss says, the brain must be able to quickly process unfamiliar visual stimuli—like new shapes and lines—and figure out what's worth paying attention to. Seeing faces and figures is merely a consequence of the brain's tendency to match stored information with new stimuli.

"Although we see the world as this very structured, object-containing environment, it's really just a bunch of random lines and shapes and colors," he said. "The reason why it's so easy to see meaningful things in nonsense shapes is that those nonsense shapes have a lot of the same features as meaningful things."

In scientific terms, what a moon-gazer sees may come down to brain wiring. But through the ages, what civilizations perceived in the moon's face took on greater significance, in the preservation of cultures, origin stories, and beliefs.

"The night sky is one of the greatest storytelling panoramas," said Adrienne Mayor, a science historian at Stanford University in California who studies how ancient cultures interpreted data and derived meaning from the natural world.

"Things in the natural world are the hints and clues for the story," Mayor said. "When you see the moon, you remember the story you heard when you were a kid and you pass it on."

Film Appreciation (FA) course to be conducted by FTII in Kashmir University

Thursday, 06 July 2017 08:14 Written by

July 06

In a first, a Film Appreciation course will be conducted in Srinagar, Kashmir by the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). The FTII director also announced that from next year FTII may include Srinagar as a centre for FTII entrance exam.

The decision was taken after a meeting between Bhupendra Kainthola, director, FTII and Khurshid Andrabi, Vice Chancellor, University of Kashmir.

MBA Selection List Kashmir University

Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:26 Written by

"Selection List for MBA Programme in Kashmir University"

June 22

The candidates bearing following Form/ENTNo.s’ have been provisionally selected for admission to the MBA& MBA-FM programmes, session 2017 in The Deptt. of Management Studies, University of Kashmir

MBA Programme OpenMerit:-17210177,17210140,17210759,17210464,17210935,17210872,17210174, 17210171,17210628,17210649& NCC: 17210016


MBA-FM Programme OpenMerit:-17210348,17210325,17210486,17210970,17210588,17210847,




Categories: WUP: 17210614; RBA: 17210083,17210438,17210799;CDP: 17210529;  NCC: 17210459;Sports:17210514;& SN:17210068.


The list of candidates to be selected for MBA for other campuses/institutes shall be issued separately

The  selected  candidates  can  download  the Admission  Form  from  official  website  of  the University of Kashmir on 24-06-2017