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Bhaand Pather: The Fading Folk art

Bhaand Pather: The Fading Folk art

Bhaand Pather is the traditional folk theatre form performed by the ‘Bhaands’, folk artists of Kashmir. Historians believe that the Bhaands of the Mughal period successfully symbolized the aspirations of...

Sunset in Kashmir Featured

There was a point of time when I turned to you and improved you. You turned me better. Together we accepted ourselves to live within our flaws. Somewhere, sometime, those demons came back to you. Eventually, I turned out to be what empowered your darkness. You always had a Web at the ending of your lope through your torments. I was the one forever, I still am. I'm the reminiscence of love. You still and always could return to me.


Sameer Khan From Qazi Mohalla, Islamabad (Anantnag) sends us this photo from a sunset in Kashmir.

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