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Bashir Ahmed Wani was popularly known as Bashir Lashkar Bashir Ahmed Wani was popularly known as Bashir Lashkar

"Bashir Wanted To Die When He Would be Fasting and He Did" Featured

July 15

Kashmir is gripped in the hands of New Age militancy. The number of militants that was on a gradual decrease and importantly had less participation of the locals saw a new twist post 2010 with locals picking up arms yet again. The recent reports suggest 75 percent of the militants are locals and more are joining the queues of these militants. The numbers are on a swell with Southern Kashmir merging as the hub of militancy.

On the 16th day of June this year, one of the most massive attack on local policemen packed the news headlines and immediately Bashir Lashkar, a local militant, the district commander of Lashkar e Taiba was held responsible for the attack. Bashir hailed from the Kokernag area, a famous hill station in Islamabad (Anantnag) area in Southern Kashmir, some 10 kilometers away from the district headquarters. Bashir Lashkar was first recruited in 1999. In 2002, Achabal police arrested him in Islamabad (Anantnag) for the possession of arms. He was later released in 2005 after being granted bail. In 2009, he again became active and was arrested with arms and ammunition in 2010 in Bijbehara before being released in 2014. During that time, he was continuously summoned to the Police stations. In October 2015, he joined the LeT and started operating as their district commander for Islamabad (Anantnag).

The Kashmiriyat reporter, Peer Imitiyaz went to speak to the family of Slain Bashir Lashkar who was killed in an encounter with the paramilitary troopers on July 1, 2017 in the Breenti area of Islamabad (Southern Kashmir).

The personal book gallery of Bashir Lashkar

The two storied built-in-mud house of Bashir Lashkar is a depiction of how militants have become the nastiest sufferers in Kashmir conflict. The brother of Bashir Lashkar claims that Bashir was active since 1998 and he also crossed over to Pakistan to get training. On his way back in 2002, he was trapped in a house with a Pakistani militant and a gunfight ensued, where Bashir battled the troopers for more than 50 hours and after that he was arrested from the house and detained. His brother claims that on his release in 2005, he joined the militant ranks again but was arrested again and booked under 5 back to back PSAs to be released only in 2014 after which he decided to give up arms, but he was constantly summoned to the courts and Police stations and asked to carry a diary where he had to get the seal and signature of the in charge officer for attendance purposes on every single visit of his. On a day, he was on his way to the court when the Police tried to arrest him, but he managed to run away to safety. After 9 months, the family came to know that Bashir had re joined militant ranks through an image.

“When he managed to give a slip to the Police, I was detained for three days and kept under detention in a Police station, from where I was taken to joint Interrogation Centre in Khanabal and tortured ruthlessly” claims the brother of Bashir who is in his mid 20’s. He was a baker in his early life and had earned respect among the locals in the main town of Islamabad (Anantnag) where he worked” says Bashir’s brother. He moreover says “Bashir had given up arms to be with his family, but he was pushed to take up arms due to the constant harassments.” He started working also, in the fields or whatever he could do, but I guess, that was not what he was supposed to be”

Bashir Lashkar used to send paintings to his family during his days in imprisonment

Apart from being a militant, Bashir was very well versed in Urdu and had a great Knowledge of Islam. He was too fond of painting; his house is decorated with paintings he used to send for the family from the jail. Bashir was very fond of cooking good food. He had started offering prayers constantly after his jail days and reading Quran was something he loved to do, said the family of Bashir.

He says, “Bashir always used to tell us he does not want to die on a hospital bed or in an accident, he wants to die as brave, not weeping and shouting in pain. In fact, he wished to ‘martyred’ on a day when he would be fasting” During his last encounter he called the family and asked us  to pray to Allah to accept his ‘sacrifice’” he said. When the family argued that he had ample time to leave the house, he replied “I have always wished to die on a day when I am fasting and today I am. So this is my chance, there is no telling about tomorrow.” Bashirs brother adds, “He chose his own death and did not die on the hospital bed or in an accident, he achieved ‘martyrdom’ and that is all he wished for.

Images and messages have been floating on the social networking that more than 12 people have joined the group of Bashir Lashkar (though not officially confirmed) after his death amidst the growing number of encounters. Reports claim that the highest number of militants have been killed this year, the Indian Government is planning to go down heavily on militant outfits and the numbers of new people joining militant ranks are also on the rise creating a fresh cycle of killings on both the sides.

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