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Bhaand Pather: The Fading Folk art

Bhaand Pather: The Fading Folk art

Bhaand Pather is the traditional folk theatre form performed by the ‘Bhaands’, folk artists of Kashmir. Historians believe that the Bhaands of the Mughal period successfully symbolized the aspirations of...


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KathuaRape- GDC Larnoo Protests

Monday, 23 April 2018 08:34 Written by

April 23

Massive Demonstration were held in Government Degree college of Larnoo in South Kashmir's Islamabad Monday  to demand Justice for the 8 year old Kathua Rape Victim.

Sources told The Kashmiriyat that students held a Demonstration shouting slogans and holding placards.

"The Students shouted Pro Freedom slogans demanding punishment to the persons involved in the rape,"Sources said

The Protest was going on when this report was filed.

Clashes Begin in Islamabad Degree College, Tear gas Shelling on Students

Monday, 23 April 2018 07:14 Written by

April 23

Massive Clashes Erupted in Government Degree College of Islamabad (Anantnag) District on Monday.

Eyewitnesses told The Kashmiriyat that scores of Students shouting pro Freedom slogans gathered in the college ground to demand Justice for the 8 year old Kathua Rape Victim.

However the Police reached the spot and sealed the gate of the college to disallow the students from marching outside the college premises, triggering clashes.

The protesting students threw stones on troops deployed outside the college and the nearby Camp, Eyewitnesses said.

The Police fired tear smoke shells inside the college premises to disperse the protesting students.

"They also fired in the air to disperse the students," Students told The Kashmiriyat.

The Clashes were going on when this report was filed.

Students Protest in Degree College Islamabad

Monday, 23 April 2018 06:42 Written by

April 23

Students in Islamabad Government Degree College on Monday  held a Demonstration demanding Justice for Kathua Rape Victim.

Scores of college students shouting slogans and holding placards were demanding justice to the 8 year old rape victim, a participant told The Kashmiriyat.

The Protest was going on inside the college campus when this report was filed.

Clarification- No Girl Killed in Islamabad

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 13:06 Written by

April 18

Some people have been spreading rumours about the death a girl in Islamabad township both orally and on Social Networking.

However the rumours are totally baseless, there are a few injuries which happened during the clashes that erupted in the township today.

We Request everyone to kindly not pay heed to or spread any rumours.

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Clashes Erupt in Kulgam, Dooru

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:49 Written by

April 18

Clashes erupted in Kulgam district of South Kashmir on Wednesday after the students early morning held a peaceful sit in to demand Justice for Asifa.

Eyewitnesses told The Kashmiriyat said the Policemen the students of Degree College Kulgam upon reaching the Sumo Stand threw stones on Government Forces deployed in the area.

The Police used tear smoke shells to disperse the protesting students.

Similar Kind of protests began in Dooru area of South Kashmir’s Islamabad District when Students from Degree College in Dooru threw stones on Troops deployed in the area.

The clashes were going on when this report was filed.

9 Girls, 5 Boys injured During Stone Throwing in Islamabad- List here

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:25 Written by

April 18

Nadeem Son of Ghulam Mohammed Resident of Hawura Mishpora in Kulgam District has sustained left leg injury.

Fiza Ashraf Daughter of Mohammed Ashraf Resident of Kanelwan, Right leg injury.

Nadiya Ayoub, Mohammed Ayoub Wani, Anachidoora, Stone Injury.

Hina Shafi Daughter of Mohammed Shafi Dar Resident of Muniwar, suffocation.

Fizma Jan Daughter of Mohammed Ashraf, Resident of Nanil, Pellet Injury, Chest and Nose.

Nadeem Ahmed Son of Ghulam Mohammed, a resident of Redwani, Left Leg injury.

Nahida Daughter of Mohammed Ayoub resident of Anchidroora, pellet injury neck and chest

Umaid Ahmed Son of Abdul Waheed Lone, a resident of Nai Basti has sustained left arm injury.

Ghulam Rasool Son of Ghulam Mohuddin, Resident of Seer Hamdan, Stone injury on Nose.

Nadeem Ahmed Son of Feroz Ahmed, resident of Waghama, Stone injury.

Aasiya daughter of Shabir Ahmed, resident of Brakpora, Suffocation.

Midhat Faughter of Maznoor Ahmed, a resident of Brakpora, Stone injury.

Khushboo Jan, Fayaz Ahmed, a resident of Khargund, Suffocation.

Justice For Asifa- Students Protest in Dooru

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 07:03 Written by

April 18

The students of a Government Degree College in Dooru held a demonstration to demand Justice to Asifa.

The Students said that Lawyers in Jammu who tried to shield the rape accused have brought a shame to the profession of Lawyers.

As Per Sources the students of GDC took out a march carrying placards to seek justice for the minor Asifa.

Asifa was gangraped and murdered in Rassana village of Kathua in January this year.

Clerks protest in Islamabad

Monday, 16 April 2018 11:04 Written by

April 16

The Jammu Kashmir Ladakh clerical association members held a protest demonstration in DC office Islamabad (Anantnag) on Monday.

The members raised slogans by the demanding fulfillment of demands promised to them by the finance minister.

District president clerical association Islamabad (Anantnag), Nissar Khan while talking to the Media said if the Government failed to full fill their demands of removing pay anomalies all clerks of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh will go for an indefinite strike.

Clerks from all departments participated in protest demonstration.