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Army Major injured during CASO in Shopian

Sunday, 16 July 2017 06:01 Written by

July 15

An Army major identified as Praveen was injured during an accidental fire in Shopian area during a Cordon and Search Operation in Southern Kashmir. 

He was injured when his service weapon went off accidentally during the operation. 

The CASO was launched in the Kangnoo village of Shopian District.

Major Praveen, who suffered injury in the leg, was rushed to 92 base hospital of the Army here.

Kashmiri Student booked in MP after Pakistan Victory

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 09:51 Written by

June 27

According to a report published on Hindustan times, The Police of Madhya Pradesh has booked a Kashmiri student on charges of “stoking tension” with a pro-Pakistan Facebook comment after the team’s Champions Trophy win over India last Sunday.

The student identified as Mudasir of south Kashmir’s Shopain district, had reacted to a minor boy of Gwalior on Facebook after Pakistan thrashed India in Champions Trophy final by 180 runs: “I am a Kashmiri and I like Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad,” 

The minor boy had congratulated Pakistan for the win on June 18 and expressed disappointment over India’s performance, the report said.

Mudasir is pursuing his post-graduation in Botany from Jiwaji University, Gwalior, and has gone home while waiting for the results of his final examination, said police, the report added. He had rented a house in Gwalior.


Hundreds of Kashmiri students study in Gwalior and police are keeping a close eye on the situation, “We are handling this matter with extra care so that it doesn’t affect other Kashmiri students.” a police official said.

Lok Adalat in Shopian on July 8

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 09:45 Written by

June 27

A Lok Adalat is being organised to settle cases of different nature at Shopian in South Kashmir on July 8.

According to District Legal Services Authority, Shopian, a Lok Adalat will be held on July 8 at District Court Complex Shopian.

In this connection, the litigants who want to solve their dispute (cases) amicably through the Lok Adalat can list their cases up to July 7 before the Lok Adalat and will feel free to contact Chairman District Legal Services Authority & Principal and District Sessions Judge, Shopian.

Pulwama Killings: Students protest in Shopian

Thursday, 22 June 2017 10:11 Written by

"The Police used tear smoke shells to disperse the students"

June 22

The students of Higher Secondary School Shopian came out and started raising slogans against the militant and civilian killings at Kakapora.

According to witnesses dozens of shops near the old bus stand pulled down their shutters.

In the meantime two police vehicles reached the spot who were also stoned by the agitated students, witnesses said.

The policemen resorted to tear smoke shelling to disperse the students triggering clashes.

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Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir leads protest against killing spree

Sunday, 18 June 2017 11:14 Written by

"India wants bloodshed in Kashmir, not peace"

June 18

(Press Release)

The Chairman of Ummat e Islami, Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir today lead a huge protest rally in Southern Kashmir's Shopian town against the ongoing killing spree. The rally taken out from Jamia Masjid of Shopian was joined by hundreds of people who shouted Pro Islam and Pro Freedom Slogans.

Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir denouncing the killing spree said, that Indian state has declared a war against every Kashmiri. Mirwaiz Yasir while addressing the rally said non combatants and combatants are meeting the same fate which is a clear indication of the fact that the Indian state has terribly failed to study the public pulse in Kashmir. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir also denounced the ongoing killing spree and said such killings will lead to a drastic reaction and is doing so. "The India state needs to understand that the policy of iron fist will not bring peace, it will only lead to bloodshed." Mirwaiz Yasir said by maintaining the policy of bullets, it seems India is not craving for peace, but more blood.

Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir while paying rich tribute to Dr. Qazi Nisar on his martyrdom anniversary said "the best tribute to pay to any martyr is to work for their cause." He reiterated the call for 19th June and appealed the people of South Kashmir to observe a complete shutdown on the day to pay tributes to the martyrs of Kashmir.

Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir while addressing the demonstrators said, "The rally had been actually called to demand the release of pro Freedom prisoners" however, he said "Kashmir has been turned into a war zone and one can never be sure what happens the next moment." Mirwaiz Yasir said it is a duty of every kashmiri to remember the prisoners and their families on Eid. Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir demanded the immediate release of Prisoners.

He also visited Heff Shermal in Shopian to pay tributes to slain LeT commander, Nasir Ahmed who was martyred in an encounter with army on Friday. He offered Fateh Khwani to Nasir after visiting his grave.

Pertinently Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir is evading arrest since the last week.

Thousands offer Funeral prayers to Nisar Ahmed Wani

Saturday, 17 June 2017 06:58 Written by

"Wani a resident of Heff Shermal was killed during an encounter in Arwani area of Southern kashmir"

June 17

Today on Saturday morning thousands of people gathered in Heff Shermal area of Southern Kashmir's Shopian District to offer the funeral prayers of Nisar Ahmed Wani.

Wani a resident of Heff Shermal was killed during an encounter in Arwani area of Southern kashmir friday along with Junaid Matoo Resident of Khudwani Kulgam and Adil Ahmad Mir of Frestabal, Pampore.

Locals said people from the adjoining areas rushed to the village in clusters making the gathering mammoth. Two militants appeared in the funeral to offer Gun salute to the Slain LeT militant.

Militants fire in the air to celebrate Pakistan Victory

Thursday, 15 June 2017 07:07 Written by

"According to media reports Militants fired in the air to celebrate Pakistan victory"

June 15

The news of Pakistan reaching the Final was celebrated with joy in  in Palhalan, North Kashmir. As soon as Hafeez hit the winning shot, Youth came out of their homes and shouted pro freedom slogans and burst crackers. 

Pertinently, Pakistan reached the Champions Trophy final for the first time in 19 years.

According to a news item published by Catch News,  militants fired in the air to celebrate the victory of Pakistan, in Chilipora Sugan area of  Shopian district of Southern Kashmir.

Pakistan will face either India or Bangladesh whosoever wins the second semifinal on Thursday. 

Who is Sarjan Barkati

Thursday, 08 June 2017 14:30 Written by

Profiling The Freedom Chacha

This false imagery and distortion of what a true leader or hero is, has left little room to recognise the most significant heroic contributions to the cause, especially those accomplished by ordinary people.

"There's only one Solution, Gun Solution, Gun Solution" as soon as Barkati said these in a powerfull voice at one of the large public rallies in South Kashmir, the crowd went berserk. Slogans surround the space. And he just wipes off the sweat of his golden face to begin anew. Perhaps it was the slogan that most of the Kashmiris were made to subscribe to, following the denial of right to dissent. 

Back in September, I accompanied a journalist friend of mine to meet the man with numerous sobriquets “Freedom Chacha” “The pied paper” “Angreiz Moulvi” which is not offensive or abusive but something to do with his appearance. We managed to contact him on his mobile phone. A jolting 1 hour drive out of Islamabad town led us to a tiny village high in the blade like ridges. Passing through dozens of youth patrols guarding their villages against Police raids, we finally arrived at a location where he had sent two young men in disguise. We impeded near a local school where we were asked to park our vehicle into a hiding. From there we were asked to wait inside a house where another boy would come and lead three of us one by one to the place where Sarjan Barkati lay in a corner of a small house. Outside in the village mosque, his tarana "Kaem teer layiy masum Bandas, burhan lagyo shaheed Gasnas" was playing on the loudspeaker. He agreed to go on the record only on one condition “I speak for myself not for the party”

Sarjan Barkati, 39 is a Sunni preacher was  has shot to fame for his fiery speeches and blazing slogans like “Na Bhai Na.” It all started with a facebook Video on a facebook Page. 
Having studied at one of the premier Islamic Centres of the Valley laid down by the slain Mirwaiz of South Kashmir, Dr. Qazi Nisar, Sarjan is a thriving Islamic orator. Associated with Ummat e Islami and being a close associate of the party Chairman, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir, Sarjan Barkati was first time arrested on June 19, 2012 on the anniversary of the party founder, Dr. Qazi Nissar. He along with 13 other clerics courted arrest in 2013 against the illegal prolonged detention of Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir. He was again arrested in 2015 for delivering an “Instigative” Speech in Shopian. “I never used to disclose my identity for I had received directions from my leader to support Unity and in unity there are no faces” he said.

He said that the Police have been raiding his house constantly in the uprising in the aftermath of the killing of admired Militant commander, Burhan Wani. On one occasion the Police subjected the inmates to harassment, the property was damaged too. Azaan Barkati, the young son was threatened to disclose the whereabouts of his father. After which Sarjan Barkati was forced to send his family away from Raeban, Shopian, his home town.

“I have organised more than 180 rallies throughout Southern Kashmir, but that in no way licenses the Police to harass and threaten my family” he falls weak. He stops for a while and reinstates his belief upon the resilient people of Kashmir. “I strongly believe that people of Kashmir will not succumb so easily, we have overcome the fear of constant sieges and tortures, the atrocities of Indian state have dragged a Sufi out of his closed doors, the noise is disturbing, the wailing mothers and shouting men call me outside seeking help..." he said giving an example of popular Kashmiri saint, Sultan ul Aarifeen.

"I subscribe to the ideology of an independent Kashmir, but believe me Pakistan flags at our rallies is merely a symbolism, nothing else. We Love everything that the occupier hates, be it ISIS Flags or the celebration of Pakistan Independence Day. This is all to frustrate the occupier” he says. Sarjan has written 27 Poems for the Kashmiri Struggle which includes poetry for “his inspiration” Dr. Qazi Nissar, Burhan and Ashfaq Majeed Wani. “The reason for me becoming popular is mainly my Taranas and my undying love for the resistance struggle” he said.

Sarjan has always been in limelight for his fiery religious speeches and his unique style of oration. He has been participating in the annual Milad rally held in Islamabad since last 5 years. He is very famous for his Naats and he keeps on receiving invitations for religious programmes throughout Southern Kashmir. He was also the chairman of the religious wing of Ummat e Islami. “I believe that religion does not teach us to side with slavery, but to stand with the oppressed” he says. My Inspiration always used to say “Talking and battling for the truth is the soul of Islam.” A video from a Kulgam rally on a Facebook page got him into limelight on the social networking and people worked out to locate the man shouting the fiery slogans like “Golli chali hai... Chalne do.. Chaapa Padha hai, Padhne do” He decries the mass arrests that have been made after the barbaric usage of pellet guns. He also denounces the way the state government has behaved throughout the entire uprising. “She could have at least apologized, but she seems to justify the killings” he said
His anthems have become a rage in the South. Zindabad and Naarai Takbeer are regularly played in mosques. People would come to rallies to listen to him and after that it became tough to persuade people to stay. The slogan "Na bhai Na" has so indoctrinated in people irrespective of age. Every rally was incomplete without the ‘Barkati slogans’ that added kinetic dimension to the verbal.

He bids us farewell saying “Ek Hi waseyat hai, Aadhe raaste se Wapas mat aana”

The Ummat e Islami leader was instrumental in organising hundreds of pro Freedom rallies across Southern part of Kashmir. The Police seized his property and harassed the family.

I was in Banaglore and i heard of his arrest. He was arrested on 1st October 2016 at Hassanpora.The Police called his arrested as catching "The Big Fish." 
He was subsequently booked under PSA and charged with Arms Act (7/25) (7 /27)

On 4th January 2017, the Kashmir High Court, quashed his PSA, but Barkati still remains incarcerated in Central Jail Srinagar.