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Bhaand Pather: The Fading Folk art

Bhaand Pather: The Fading Folk art

Bhaand Pather is the traditional folk theatre form performed by the ‘Bhaands’, folk artists of Kashmir. Historians believe that the Bhaands of the Mughal period successfully symbolized the aspirations of...

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The Kashmiriyat is a non-Partisan info-cultural organisation which adheres to the basic principle of universal brotherhood and peaceful existence having a structured policy of 'live and let live'. The organisation is professionally managed and having a liaison with the think- tanks of kashmir to foster the actual essence of Kashmiri culture, culture being the collective aspect of personality. Our organisation will strive to strengthen the hereditarian bonds between culture an behaviour through inherited traditions, rituals, beliefs to concretise individual character an enhance it within the society by means of cooperative zeal.
The Kashmiriyat will provide an effective platform for dynamic researchers, young minds for giving them bolder voices. Essentially it will act as a tool for the students to satisfy the curiosity of young minds and will encourage dogma of precision, furthermore, the organisation will strive to establish the versatile, pragmatic and result oriented linkages between the generations, old and young to crave a fresh policy for Gen-X. The primary focus of The Kashmiriyat as an organisation will be purely on the basis of developmental journalism..

The Kashmiriyat will supply not only the best reportage of the international affairs and the local issues concerning South Kashmir to its readers, but in depth analysis of the news.