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484 civilians killed in US-led attacks Featured

Officially 484 civilian have been killed in the US-led coalition attacks, but outside monitors put the number much higher.

June 5

The US military said that coalition attacks on ISIL targets in Syria and Iraq have killed more than 480 civilians since mid-2014 - a tally that is far below those of outside monitors. US Central Command said in a statement on Friday that it added an additional 132 civilians deaths to its April report, a sharp increase from 352 it previously reported in late April.

However, that total, which only includes civilian deaths through April, was still far short of what non-governmental organisations and monitors have estimated.

Airwars, a London-based collective of journalists and researchers that tracks civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq, estimated more than 3,800 non-combatants have been killed since the US-led coalition's operations began in August 2014.

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