India Vs Pakistan- Rains Stop in Manchester, Match Likely to Have Delayed Start

June 16

The day of the much-awaited India vs Pakistan clash is here, the match is scheduled to start at 3 pm at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester. Indian fans across the world are praying for the weather to clear in Manchester. Though the sun is partly out today, the weather report says partly cloudy.

The good news is that the weather will turn warmer and brighter during the day. A few showers likely to develop later. The match is expected to be hit by scattered showers throughout the day. The rain had stopped on Saturday, giving a slight relief. However, due to continous rain, there are dampened areas on the cricket ground.

One of the most anticipated clashes in the ICC World Cup 2019, India vs Pakistan, is very likely to get affected by rain, as light showers are predicted in the second half. The Manchester weather report for June 16 reports light showers. Even today, on June 15, there is heavy rain in the region.

Since 7 am, the rain has stopped pouring in Manchester and the sun has come out. It is still slightly cloudy but it is expected to get warmer during the day. However, the rain is expected to return in the afternoon and interrupt second half of India vs Pakistan match.

The significant match between India and Pakistan is scheduled to begin at 10.30 am on June 16 at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester.

India is currently ranked fourth in the world cup points table with 5 points in 3 matches, while Pakistan is ranked eighth with three points in 4 matches.

The ‘rain’ has been a major disrupter in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, playing as the “eleventh world cup team”. Indian fans were in for a huge disappointment when India’s match against New Zealand got washed out due to rain. India and New Zealand’s cricket match got abandoned without a ball being bowled and both the teams had to share one point each. Now, the Indian fans are deeply concerned about the weather forecast for India’s upcoming mother-of-all-clashes against Pakistan.

With India’s match called off, the total tally of matches abandoned due to rain in the ongoing world cup goes up to four. Previously, Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka and South Africa vs West Indies matches were abandoned due to poor weather in England. Sri Lanka is the only team to have got two of its matches washed out due to rain, a factor that will definitely impact the team’s chances to reach the semi-finals.