Indian Government Forces Owe 24.5 Crore Rent to Land Owners Across Jammu Kashmir

July 18

The government of India owes an outstanding due of Rs 24.5 crore as rent to various land owners across Jammu Kashmir, the Defence Ministry has informed the Parliament on Thursday.

Other than land which has been used by Government Forces for installing camps across Jammu Kashmir, Land has also been rented by Union Government for its various wings, departments and organisations in all the 22 districts of Jammu Kashmir.

The ministry has informed the Indian Parliament that 56,615.54 acres of land are under its possession on rent in Jammu Kashmir adding that, The properties have been hired by the ministry either from private landowners or from the state government of Jammu Kashmir.

Ministry of through Defence Shripad Naik, informed that a maximum of 18,935.47 acres of land have been taken on rent in Jammu district followed by Srinagar with 3757.84 acres of land on rent.

In Jammu District, The outstanding rent is stands at Rs 7,65,20,330. The Army owes an amount of Rs 4,29,24,912 to various land owners in Rajouri district.

Land owners in Baramulla District are due to receive Rs 2,79,84,257 from the ministry.