“Is Kashmir actually calm?”An interview with the locals of Downtown

16th Aug, 2019

Due to the ongoing clampdown in the valley, whats happening in the valley has been an absolute mystery. While BBC and Al-Jazeera came up with videos of protests at different parts of Kashmir, most of the India based media channels simply denounced the credibility of the videos and the news. Indian authorities and media have been claiming that things are smooth inside the valley. However they did accept the killing of one youth protester who jumped into the Jhelum after he was chased by the policemen.

The international media has been claiming that things aren’t VERY WELL. Pakistan based media channels including the DNA said that Six Youths have been martyred till date.


The Kashmiriyat Team was able to speak with a few students from different parts of downtown:

How is the situation in Kashmir overall?

“We don’t even know how our relatives are doing, who hardly live 3 Kilometres away from our house”.

Can we say the the situation is getting normal?

If you weigh normalcy by the number of killings, then, may be Yes.

Were there any protests in your area?

On daily basis, all the window panes of our houses have been broken by Occupational Forces.

How about the Pellet Injuries?

There have been 6 of them from our area. There are rumors that the overall number has crossed 100’s. But we can confirm nothing due to the internet blockade.

Do locals face problems on daily basis?

This is the biggest issue right now. There is scarcity of all the commodities. The daily-wagers are having a really tough time. The biggest concern for the locals right now is their safety and the safety of their Kiths and Kins studying and working outside

What is the state of Mind of the people?

There is a strange sadness in everyone’s heart, be it someone of a separatist ideology or the supporter of some mainstream politician. Everyone feels ditched.

Any news about the arrests?

They aren’t sparing anyone right now, be it an immature kid or some old person. They are arresting everyone who could make situation worse for them in any possible manner.

Are Kashmiris ever going to accept this move by India?

The Kashmiris have stood by their demand of Independence and they would continue to do that. This is what everyone feels and says.