It is not “We the People” Anymore, It is Just Them Now

March 02

Advocate Mujeeb u Rehman

Systematic extermination to dip  Muslim populace in Jammu region from 61% in 1947 to a minority number is an ugly truth, painful to recall. The lanes, by lanes of Talab Khatikan Jammu still haunt as reminding the ill fate of its inmates from once jogi gate to chatta Jammu Sialkot road.

The words “We The People…” was the expression which had let a belief to born that secular it is to go and as such things went on. But the perpetrators of the recent gory incident of loot and arson, of torching the vehicles of a particular community and region and that too under the shade and shadow of tri-colour flag , the acts  likewise  in the recent past under the banner of Hindu Ekta Munch as their coming forward to patronize criminals, the killers of Asifa trying hard to surcharge the air against Muslim community attaining gravity on adopting “criminal violence”  by the institutions of response and responsibilities as otherwise and the same condensing  thoughts of review of both present and past.

It is read that situation is reminding that even with the  change of guards from Mehar chand till date ground  exhibits no change  as to the afore held mindset .People have not forgotten the naked parade of swords, trishuls etc on the streets of Jammu, a well orchestrated design to hound, to disfigure, to dismantle a community now minority in Jammu and to keep this particular community submerged in the threats of uncertainty and what not ?

The statement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi a day before speaking words of sympathy in favour of boys who have been  outside valley in terms that they be not harassed has been though a welcome one but in fact keeping the  magnitude and organised criminal attacks against a particular community , same sounds to be too late and too little.

 Predatory instincts surfaced through out the length and breadth of India and same inflicted brides, cuts and wounds within Kashmiri diaspora everywhere. Same fractured Kashmir  as a collective whole to its utter dismay when none of the responsible institutions of the country whispered against these goons attacking Kashmiri Muslims and the slogans obnoxious one, not of even worth to mention it here harassed the environs of political structures itself. Even religious leaders of Kashmir had to speak about environs of Two Nation Theory.

But during this phase of terrorized , surcharged air ,a history got born different from the past when Sikh Community came forward for all possible human help on finding Kashmiris haunted and hounded by majority community. The most disturbing feature of these attacks was that  the hooligans justified their energies against Kashmiri Muslims under the expression. “Revenge” .

Here a moot question is born as if at all a revenge … By whom? And Why? .Coming with the narrative of being  patriots , echoing Bharat Matta ki jai and branding Kashmiri  Muslims as traitors in general and so with every might to take revenge against ramming of RDX loaded vehicle ,as reported, against a CRPF vehicle by a Kashmiri Muslim boy.

Irony of the matter as such leads one to ask the institutions of power as What Rule of Law means?  Are affairs to be let   decided on roads and that too by the one who are distinctly communal one ?  And what wisdom and sense it does carry to drop the statements which stand to be all wishy washy, the situation just to akin to that of shedding of crocodile tears and nothing otherwise strong and concrete as ought to had been. To remain silent in such a scenario of goings on How one can vouch to their silence to justify such an unwarranted communal and criminal  act  as bracketed and justified under expression of ” National interest”.

Reading regular as such answer is demanded from these fascists who are virtually against the Secular fabric of India  as What lead them to declare these Kashmiri Muslims as traitors, anti national when they had been out  from their families either in pursuit of knowledge or livelihood  ,with no criminal record to their back.

The things can be gauged on analysing the fact that the walls of the temple of Justice at apex tier had to echo the plea of Kashmiri students seeking Right To Meaningful life and To the  Rule of law.

The grown  voice for a war against a nuclear born neighbouing Muslim  state Pakistan at this stage when India is ready to face Elections , things got to be in furor in jammu Kashmir when it’s political structuring is facing challenge before Honorable Supreme Court of India , has added more to the  morbid situation .

Be said, practical observation speaks  of shackled goings on, of a selective democratic norm more so, when on   the  one hand Article 35A of the Constitution is facing constitutional challenge ,when war euphoria is at its peak and crackdown on mass leadership , of socio religious leaders is visible and elections in the state are in the fray …one finds himself in state of caught and fraught situation. The same has surcharged the air  badly and structural polity is smelled to be in danger by every Tom Dick and Harry.

The things surfacing up have so added to the pandemonium and is not potential of maintaining plurality, to extrapolate for any a win win situation as ought to had been by exuding for a decisive , meaningful dialogue rather seemingly things  run in contrary  to it as every chance appears to record Historians to leave a scary note in terms of   as to landing of things in dusk and disaster with no dynamics of positivity and concern for a common good.

The rhetoric stand obsolete. The short and long term measures including military solutions have practically landed with no end to crisis within Jammu and Kashmir.Time speaks for a statesmanship role, energies are speaking  for ways and means to reach out to just amicable   table instead rather to lock horns  . The repressive measures have met utter dismay and every apprehension of its boomerang can not be disillusioned or rejected. Conflict anywhere heckles growth ,advancements of life. It captivates life. Life gets de-harmonized with every tide and tempests within.

Here in conflict it becomes a routine to glorify deaths. Economy gets shattered. Youth get distanced both from their past , present and future. All the same is not an easy component to understand. It is to be felt. All the same so calls for a serious look out. Here a question is born. Who is to address?  How and When?

A monitors track as seem only to  let to grow and exist never dies mean non-existence of other voices or the same as only approach to the vexed issue of j&k itself. The choking of voices of dissent rather to open the window to sit across to discuss and Marshall  the concerns and instead of opening of political spaces for a dialogue, a meaningful one, the myopia and rigidity is to tend to possibles of no End way and so again the leaders of the two Nuclear powers are to find an opportunity within and abroad to defeat the elements of poverty and retrogression by all advancements of a meaningful dialogue, be by  to earn a win-win situation rather to let energies to collide to yield a messy affair with no good for any one.

The Views Expressed by the Author are his own

Author: News Desk