Kashmir- After a Winter of Discontent, Spring Arrives with New Hopes

March 31

Sajad Hameed

As flowers bloom and birds set their flights, trees and gardens return to bloom after a harsh winter which also witnessed anger and discontent in Kashmir, with a surge in killings, stone throwing, bans and arrests, people in Kashmir always have linked peace to Spring, however almost every year, the hope seems to be lessening as Kashmir continues to witness bloodshed.

The Kashmiriyat brings to you the first images from the Kashmir valley from 2019’s spring as it makes entry into the Kashmir valley.  If there be a paradise on the Earth, it is this, it is this, it is this… Kashmir’s beauty is particularly enhanced during the spring season.

The Kashmiriyat
The enchanting scenario is attributed to the thousands of almond trees that blossom and present a surreal blanket of white and pink in the majestic mountainous landscape/ Photo- Sajad Hameed~The Kashmiriyat
The Kashmiriyat
For locals, these flowers indicate the arrival of spring, a season that attracts tourists from all parts of the country and abroad/ Photo- Sajad Hameed~ The Kashmiriyat
The Kashmiriyat
Almond trees are among the first to bloom in the valley lending an aromatic air to the spring. The almonds from these gardens known locally as Badam are known for their superior taste and high quality/ Photo- Sajad Hameed ~The Kashmiriyat
The Kashmiriyat
This year due to heavy snowfall, new hope has risen for farmers as these spring flowers indicate the crop of season of fruit trees/ Photo- Sajad Hameed~ The Kashmiriyat


The Kashmiriyat
Horticulture sector, the backbone of Kashmir economy is hoping that better weather conditions improve in the valley. Horticulature Department of Jammu Kashmir hope for a better product this time after last year’s untimely snow that damaged fruit trees/ Photo- Sajad Hameed~ The Kashmiriyat

Author: News Desk

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