Kashmir- Army Man Posts Video of Kashmiri Girls Walking on a Street, Social Media Aghast

December 14

An Army man has posted the video of two unknown Kashmiri girls walking in traditional attire on a street at an undisclosed location.

The 15 Second video posted on Social networking Tik Tok has evoked sharp criticism as the video has been clicked without the consent of the two girls as clearly visible in the video.

In this video, the Army man in Army fatigue can be seen holding a rifle amid slight snowfall in the background, the girls are annoyed as they pass by carrying a basket of vegetables, wearing their traditional attire.

The video has evoked sharp criticism on Social Media and the aghast users are circulating the video amid anguish and anger.

The Kashmiriyat verified the account of the user and found that the Army man had posted a video atop a cassipire vehicle of Indian Army which is mostly used during the Anti Militancy operations.

We also found that he had posted videos from inside of an Army camp where two more army men can be easily spotted, one sitting in front of a computer and the other one is busy using his cell phone, both in Army fatigues.

However, the location of the video could not be immediately verified. (The Kashmiriyat).


Author: News Desk