Kashmir Continues its Tradition of Remembering Sufi Saints, Urs of Syed Simnaniya Observed in Achabal

March 16

Waris Shah

People irrespective of religious, cultural, economic and social borders on Friday thronged the Khanqah of revered Sufi Saint in Achabal area of Islamabad (Anantnag) district on Friday to remember the Sufi saint who spread the message of love and communal harmony in the area.

Devotees from various areas of Southern Kashmir which included men, women, children and elderly participated in the Friday congregational prayers and in unison prayed for those killed in the New Zealand terrorist attack on Friday.

Reciting Quranic verses followed by special prayer meeting, many Islamic scholars threw light on the life and achievements of Hazrat Syed Simnani (RA), who was a 13th century Sufi scholar, revered by both Muslims and Hindus of that time.

Displaying pure Kashmiri architecture and providing space for well settled markets, Sufi Khanqahs over the years have become an inherent and an inseparable part of Kashmir culture.

At last, the devotees gathered made special prayers for peace to prevail in the Kashmir valley.

Author: News Desk