Kashmir Situation- What India has been waiting for Since 1947 will Happen Now, Says Ramdev

August 04

Amid speculations and uncertainty, Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has responded to the current situation of Jammu Kashmir.

Baba Ramdev said in Dehradun on Sunday that what India has been waiting for since independence is now going to happen now.

It is necessary for the unity of the country that Article 370 should be abolished, Baba Ramdev has said, adding  that, he has full faith in Amit Shah.

Ramdev said that those disrespecting tye Indian National flag throwing stones on security forces after being funded by Pakistan will not remain alive.

He said that those spreading panic in Kashmir are bound to loose. Pro establishment Parties in Jammu Kashmir have called for an All parties meet on Sunday evening to discuss the ongoing situation in Kashmir.