Kashmir Spilling Blood to be Heard- Is the World Still Deaf?

January 09

Advocate Mujeeb u Rehman

Yes, experimenting polarity and on turning it bizarre, Doctrines, the Doval one and others, the indomitable one and likewise met their fate of dehydration as no proper thread got picked up ever and so resultant of being pandemonium till date and as having disfigured situations even beyond recognition and expression.

Commanders and the Commands born from 1990 showing no signs of fatigue on translated of this holding over on the ground be in one shape or the other as be containing the number of armed rebels or be engagements in number games in terms of operations, killings on either side on scanned within the prism of realism do make one to admit all the same  to born a gangrene as to “legitimacy of Dialogue.”

Siege and suffocation around as to fairness on either side of players on ground has lead to shrinking of understanding between people’s sentiment and so having lead to misquotes of what not? Including as to Electoral process. Same has placed Kashmir understanding in a phase of myriad  equinox, leading no results and simply be held the status quo position stands maintained and as to it the peers of cross blades on ground do play it as their success when hard fact is Kashmir bleeds profusely and provides matrix to cannons to bang more and for a long.

Electoral process, people’s stand, their sentiments in terms of multifaceted mass resistance need to be read all sagacious to pick up thread to yarn triangular , a matrix not to rebuff and not to undermine the process in terms of its far reaching positivism towards converging of energies , otherwise which being opposite in every reflex to a mature purposeful meaningful everlasting results. The same calls for a deeper insight to craft for an understanding within between Electoral participation and people’s sentiment amidst militarized atmosphere not to blink at any moment of time the living realities on ground  to let play for more misfortunes rather to bridge the gap  as calling otherwise for cohesive amalgamation of powers to reach to a point of fulcrum to let open an window for Understanding- Free and Fair rather to sticking to unbudging controversial over tones.

Instead of subway to success for everlasting peace and process in the region one has frankly within the flow of admissions and confessions on either side of diverged voices witness for efforts not for fragmentation of people’s sentiment, of bartering the voices on ground on the track of selected appointed commissions but for acknowledging and employing for a Dialogue as the only seasoned recourse to  face and to learn rather to let generations to be scapegoats of any fearsome vacuum or to shy away from this institution of Dialogue under this notion.

The state rather needs to convert this fearsome vacuum to win win paradox by let to be open minded and realistic to the Doctrine of Fairness &Freedom of dissent inclusive within chapters of debate more so often realizing that it is not the number game of killings, operations be under one name or the other, to accept that a well equipped well trained and organised forces stand put on war within with untrained militants stand mismatch in terms of military science, to read and acknowledge the ground position where State has go coin a definition of OGW and UGW; virtually expressing a sentiment grown and growing g day by day.One cannot shut eyes to the joining if young well educated boys in the fray and the same does need to be understood as to  the acknowledgement of Suffocation and Siege element as pushing of military options  against the world acknowledged principles of Democracy which can be read as a state failure much more than anything.

Kashmiris have been successfully carrying the torch forward and world yet not candid to read out…what they want? They do want to be heard, to be understood as they do know that they are not players for any a war ,they are not a military might but at the same time believing in high ideals of democracy , of fairness and legitimacy of dialogue do stress and divert attention towards the focal point of being heard and to let the co relation of the electoral process and of the people’s sentiment be understood in it’s real graphics and the good percentage of votes have not let things to abate but every time the tide rises high and downplays all previous statistics  and the pot stands boiling just to hear the voice of Kashmir.

Dignified exit need to be read and translated and graded as a win win situation. All the same needs to see a day light as otherwise the disfigured positions are to witness daily bloody coups on the streets and the situation no more than any a quagmire. False hope and induction of hegemony at least over situations of a day never mean any a success on either side.The generations involved directly or indirectly do ask to be satisfied within chapters if reason and logic, within the quotient of wisdom not bereft of realism. it is this element of fairness and freedom of vices of dissent which kashmiri generation urges to be understood. The change of Guards has been never with an olive branch but times have proven that all the shame is simply to shy away from the principles of democracy, of it’s fairness and it’s legitimacy as space for debate is shrinking, dialogue within win win chapters without advancing of covert overtones of rigidity is all otherwise to be read as giving a long lease to  bloodshed where of wisdom fears to tread.

The sacred painting on the canvas of humanity can never better be than acknowledgement and working on Doctrine of Fairness and freedom to the voices of dissent to reach out to a friendly debate- an exit from dark to extended meaning and scope of hegemony of principles rather falling mirage of operations, killings, bloodshed and what not. Better and all wise to shed off wimple of make believe theories of translating silence of a day as ‘No storm ever in the sea’, when it has been globally admitted to be always a vice versa and so the dire need is understand and read what Kashmiri writes daily- yes, he is dying to be heard.

The Author is a senior practicing advocate at District court of Islamabad (Anantnag) district and a political analyst as well. 

The views expressed by the author are his own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Kashmiriyat.