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Kashmir Traders Protest Condemning the New Zealand Terrorist Attack

March 16

Tawseef Nazir

From Solidarity marches to absentia funeral prayers, the Kashmir valley has condemned the brutal terrorist attack in New Zealand in every possible form.

Traders in South Kashmir’s Islamabad (anantnag) district marched the streets of this South Kashmir township to express their solidarity with the families of the 49 people killed n the New Zealand terrorist attack on Friday.

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The Kashmiriyat
Shouting Slogans in favour of Islam and Muslims, various traders from the town participated in the solidarity march/ Photo- Tawseef Nazir ~ The Kashmiriyat
The Kashmiriyat
Expressing Anger over the ‘Terrorist Attack’, the Manufacturers and Traders Body urged the world community to Secure the endangered Muslim community/ Photo- Tawseef Nazir~ The kashmiriyat
The Kashmiriyat
They said this Brutal Terror attack is an eye opener for the International Community that the terrorism has no Religion/ Photo- Tawseef Nazir~ The Kashmiriyat

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