Kashmiri Folk in Coke Studio Pakistan

July 04

Zafar Dar

The biggest and leading music platform of Pakistan officially launched the brand new module , Coke Studio Explorer with the release of its first song ‘Pareek’ featuring a Kalash-based duo friends Ariana and Amrina.

Coke Studio Explorer is produced by Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi, In this Season they use music as a medium to narrate human stories and establish the Pakistani identity on the World map.

This Season has 5 episodes From 3 July To 11 July.

A kashmiri folk song “HA GULO” will be performed in Coke studio Pakistan by a famous Kashmiri musician Altaf Ahmad Mir and his associates ‘QASAMIR.’

Altaf Mir, a singer from muzzafarabad Pakistan Administered Kashmir conveys his deeply emotional aura and transports you to his home ground through his music.

In a career spanning four-decades, Mir has remained truly committed to the art of exploring the softness of his voice supported by the melodic harmonium and high notes of the chorus.

The sound of ‘Qasamir’ is both grand and humbling. The crew of four takes immaculate care in articulating their story. The unconventional tempos of ‘Sarangi’ played by Ghulam Mohammad Dar, the straight-ahead tones of the traditional “tambaknari’ by Saiffudin Shah, alongside the stripped-down beats of the ‘Garha’ by Manzoor Ahmad Khan, it all makes overwhelming experience.

Altaf Ahmad Mir associated with Radio Pakistan for over two decades and has performed across Pakistan. Mir spend his days as a master craftsman of traditional Kashmiri handicrafts.

Gh. Mohammad Dar, spent fourty years of his life contributing his masterful skills to Radio Pakistan in Islamabad.
Manzoor Ahmad Khan is a rickshaw driver, and Saffidun Shah is a part-time cook and a Labourer.