Kashmiri Man Attacked in Kolkatta with Swords after Being Called a ‘Kashmiri Terrorist’

March 17

In yet another hate crime against Kashmiris in India, A Kashmiri shawl seller was allegedly assaulted in Kolkata city in West Bengal on Friday.

Identified as Shakoor Ahmad Shah, a resident of Deharmuna area of Central Kashmir’s Budgam district was thrashed by a mob while he was returning from Sealdah to his rented accommodation in Jadavpur.

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Shakoor at evening time boarded a local train from Sealdah and got down at Park Circus railway station to collect money from a customer there, after getting down from the railway track, four people intercepted Shakoor, as per news reports.

These four men first hurled abuses at him and called him a ‘Kashmiri terrorist’ and then took out a sword and attacked him with swords from left and right post which he fell on the ground.
These four men also stole his bag that contained Rs 1,95,000 in cash.

Later, another Kashmiri was called by a local shopkeeper in Kolkatta, informing him about the incident.

Following the incident, police visited the room of the victim in Jadavpur and filed an FIR at the railway police station.

Hate Crime against Kashmiris in India increased after the 14 February Attack in Pulwama in which at least 49 CRPF men were killed. As many as 2500 Kashmiris fled various Indian Cities and returned home after being intimidated or assulated.

Author: News Desk