Militants, Civilians Killed by Forces are Martyrs, India has never Understood Kashmir- NC Leader

March 13

Former Vice-chairman of JK Muslim Waqf board and member of National conference Peer Muhammad Hussain has in an exclusive interview with The Kashmiriyat said that every Kashmiri killed at the hands of Forces is a Militant.

The leader who joined National Conference the last year after separating from PDP in 2016 said that the interference of Mehbooba Mufti into the affairs of Waqf Board was the primary reason that he quit the party.

Condemning the ban on Jamaat e Islami, he said the Government of India has never understood the issue of Kashmir. “Killing any sentiment with force is not easy, they have always tried to flex muscles on common Kashmiris, which is not the solution to the issue, but historically has been the problem. ” the NC leader said.

He said that the war rhetoric being drummed by ‘Indian Politicians’ is ‘election hysteria’. “Parties in India want to get Kashmiris killed for elections, it looks like BJP loves seeing the blood of Kashmiris, they like shooting us,” he said.

Referring to the PDP- BJP alliance in 2014 as the most disastrous episode of recent Kashmir history he said, the alliance was unholy and against the people of the Kashmir valley. “The unholy alliance killed the interests of people of the valley and served the interests of BJP at the centre and killed PDP as a regional party that has Mufti’s dreams in it,” he told The Kashmiriyat.

Peer Mohammed Hussain who is the most probable candidate of National conference for the Anantnag Lok-Sabha constituency comprising of four districts of South Kashmir including Shopian, Pulwama and Kulgam said, “PDP has killed its future, i saw the caliber of a leader in Omar Abdullah, only he can take the state out of misery, as he is not someone who will easily bow down to the centre.”

The Difference he saw in Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti as he said, is, the fact that, “When Killings happened in the time of Omar Abdullah, he apologized to the families of youth and said he wanted to control the killings, but Mehbooba Mufti at time of killings in 2016 said, Bache Kya camp pe toffee ya dood lene gaye the.”

Peer Mohammed Hussain said that people of South Kashmir have suffered worst humiliation on the part of PDP-  BJP Government. “It is the people of South Kashmir, who need to think and keep in consideration that representatives of people will be chosen even with less or negligible voting, It is upto people to come out and choose the candidate best for them.”

Author: News Desk