Modi Government Selling License Data of Indian Citizens for 65 Crore- 87 Private Companies Already Purchased it

July 11

Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways that the Government is selling vehicle registration and driving license data of Indians and data on insurance and tax paid and has been earning revenue from it.

The sale of this data has earned the Government around Rs.65 crores with 87 companies having already purchased it.

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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways safeguards the privacy concerns and any other constraints that could come up in case of sale of vehicle registration and driving license data.

The revenue earned was from sale of data of 25 crore vehicle registration records and 15 crore driving license records which were sold to 119 organizations consisting of 32 Government and 87 Private entities.

Now while the Government may have gone ahead with this selling of private data, it does pose a question of whether they are authorized to do so or not. It does also pose the question of privacy- Who owns this data? Is it the private individual or the Government? Is the consent of the private individual required or not?