Muslim Man from Bihar Told to Go to Pakistan

May 28

A Muslim youth was told to go to Pakistan and shot at in Begusarai district of Bihar.

Police, however, claimed that Mohammad Qasim, a vendor who goes around on his two-wheeler selling household goods in the rural areas, was shot at on Saturday because of a dispute over payment for his wares.

Qasim, being treated at a hospital in Begusarai, said he knew his attacker. “I was at Kumbi (village) in front of a paan shop.

A man named Rajiv Yadav shot me. He asked my name. I said, ‘Mohammad Qasim’. He abused me, called me a miyan (Muslim), asked what I was doing here when I should be in Pakistan, and shot me in the back.

He was completely drunk,” Qasim said in a video clip that seems to have been filmed in the hospital. Bihar is a dry state.

Qasim, a resident of Kumbi village in the area of Cheriya Bariyarpur police station, around 140 km east of Patna, said Yadav was trying to reload his gun to shoot him again but he head-butted his attacker and escaped as the man fell.