My Struggle for Justice vs Their Denial of Justice

June 10

Mohammed Ashraf Matoo

“On coming 11 June 2019  we will be commemorating  9th th martyrdom anniversary of our loved lone son martyr tufail ashraf matoo of saida kadal rainawari  whom we miss a lot ], who was brutally murdered by J&K police in Gani memorial stadium on 11 June 2010 in a broad day light.

While coming back home from tuition center, this incident had spelled strong reaction across the state, the Government issued distorted statements, their attitude made us not to take the body of  Tufail home as  we wanted to know the cause of the  incident, this refusal made them to do autopsy the result put whole machinery in DOCK, 5 Lakh compensation was announced by the government.

We turned down that offer we merely wanted that the killer should be punished with the due course of law people carried the body of Tufail on their shoulders chanting justice for the Boy, they in return  were showered with Tear gas shells, bullets which continued for more than four months during this period.

The regime of OMAR ABDULLAH who was also chairman of command and control system, gave free hand to forces in which  they martyred more than 126 innocent teenagers, it was a target killing perpetrators got rewarded, promoted for their performances ,”SO IT WAS A COMPLETE GENOCIDE INITIATED BY OMAR ABDULLAH” because upper portion of the  bodies of martyrs were  targeted in most of the cases many innocent got crippled for whole life, many got arrested and are still languishing  in various jails,many thousand youths career got ruined by putting multiple  F.I.R’s ,PSA’s etc etc.

On their backs the leading opposition leader Mufti was on toes they made lot hue and  cry regarding Tufail’s murder cries of these heinous crimes reached across the globe,New york, London etc etc even UNHRC asked them for the  report of 128 people killed that year, they just sent 17 cases only starting from from Tufail Matoo which is in their record.

The situation forced the government of india send a parliamentarian’s delegation to state, they visited me also, we put everything before them,they also sent three interlocutors, even many foreign  reporters visited such as ,Japanese ,BBC,vice America ,France 24 , Arabian.Shri  Ajay Mahken of congress  told lok sabha that  Martyr tufail got hit by teargas, Rtd Army chief shri  V.K. Singh.

They also raised  his fingers against the police during the period the opposition and the ruling class start putting  allegations on each other, it looked like a cricket commentary,even it did not shake the ruler of the time, so with passage of the time, election was about to take place, before elections he established a one man’s commission headed by Retired. Justice Shri M.L.Koul assisted by Mr. Habibullah.

The report was published by local media in which he suggested the CBI should make inquire Tufail’s case, we put up a letter before commission that they should “impute all those who had been at the helm of affairs in the State, that letter is lying with them without any action, so this made us to reject their published report as the whole drama was planned to deceive the public.

Even the person who headed the commission did not fulfill his commitment, they had also promised that the  commission’s report will be made available to us which made us to appear before the commission, however it soon published a single-sided affair to fool the people.

After elections they were defeated by Mufti who took over the charge with the help of BJP, this regime did not only kill they blinded our people specially teenagers for whole life etc etc jailed many, what Abdullah did in 2010 same was done by Mufti’s in 2016 and after.

They never allowed that probes/commissions be made public, even we approached the SHRC to help us in seeking the commission’s full report, he turned down our request by saying that it was not jurisdiction to help us out in the matter, when the chairman assumed charge, he said that if a Patwari refuses to give us papers it’s a violation considered by them.

My whole point is they are all sailing in the same boat, and they help each other in times of crisis. These people even if they resign from one party, their rivals welcome them with open hands because their Manifesto is common, To Kill  and Rule, This attitude of the government has radicalized our youth.

we succeeded in exposing them by the grace of Allah,unfortunately they failed to deliver justice with this and that excuse.

Once again on this very day we take pledge to continue our strive and  struggle for justice.–

Mohammed Ashraf- Father who carried the coffin of his son and buried him.