New Zealand Attacks Prove Muslims are the victims, not the Terrorists- Ummat e Islami

March 15

Condemning the terrorist attacks in New Zealand, Ummat e Islami leader, Irshad Attari on Friday said that the attacks prove that Muslims throughout the world have been victimized and are not the terrorists.

He condemned the deep silence of the world especially India that did not utter a word of condemnation over the attacks. “When three people or four die because of political vendetta, it becomes a major tragedy for the world, however when Muslims are killed offering prayers in peace, the world descends into silence,” he said.

Meanwhile Ummat e Islami condemned the slapping of PSA against religious cleric Mushtaq Ahmed Veeri and said, “Ideological differences aside, such type of brute policy will not be tolerated, the Indian Government is giving reasons to youth to loose faith in the Indian system.”

Condemning the ban on Jamaat e Islami, he said that banning a religious organization proves that the state has pushed its hand deep into our religious affairs. “this is intolerable to Kashmiris and the moves will be resisted.”

He said that people of Kashmir need to understand that an operation all out has been launched against religious clerics of which Qazi Yasir became the first victim. “If Qazi Yasir was not in jail, such cages on religious leaders and organizations would have been impossible,” he said.

People need to move beyond personal grudges and look into the ground realities. “Not a single protest has happened in South Kashmir after Qazi Yasir was arrested,” he said. He would have not remained silent on the arrest of religious leaders, Attari said.

“In a gap of less than three months, things regarding the Qazi Yasir case will be made clear to the Public,” he said.

“The problem with our times is Lies flow faster than anything, to make clear,” he said, “Qazi yasir was booked under PSA for giving a never before call of putting Azadi Ballot Boxes outside polling booths to check whether Azadi had more support or the electoral politics.”

Ummat e islami meanwhile demanded the release of all political prisoners including Masarat Alam, Shakeel Bakshi, Sarjan Barkati and others.

Author: News Desk