Windstorm Creates Havoc in South Kashmir Areas

April 21


Beg Fayaz/ Peer imtiyaz

Friday afternoon unexpected wind storm disturbed normal life in the
various regions of Kashmir especially; Shangas zone of South Kashmir’s Islamabad District.

The Storm caused damage to the residential houses, cow sheds, business establishments and trees.

The Civil administration has launched a drive to assess the damage of public property, while as locals demand the action taken report on damage caused by trees planted near residential areas.

They Locals while speaking to The Kashmiriyat said that they want to draw the attention of civil administration to allow them to cut down the trees near public areas.

AEE Syed Ishfaq while talking to The Kashmiriyat assured that he has utilized quick machinery to remove the trees from Achabal-Shangas- Chitergul road, now it is open for transport.

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