Petrol Is ₹87.13 in Srinagar, 90 in Mumbai

September 24

Petrol prices in Srinagar have been turning more volatile, as prices of crude oil have been showing a firm trend.

It is important to check todays petrol price in Srinagar (₹87.13), especially if you are going for a long drive.

Remember, petrol and diesel prices are revised daily, so you can lose much, if you are travelling on a long distance.

The rupee has also moved lower against the dollar, which has made petrol prices in Srinagar more expensive than before.

Meanwhile the petrol price in Mumbai has pushed to Rs 90 per litre mark amid increasing fuel prices across India.

he price of a litre of petrol costs around Rs 82.72. Diesel costs Rs 78.58 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 74.02 per litre in Delhi. In Patna, petrol costs around Rs 91.96/litre and diesel at Rs 79.68/litre.