Point Blank- An Open Letter to Hurriyat Leaders

January 19

Advocate Mujeeb u Rehman

Since questioning, you said, is welcome, i hope i am not labelled as an Indian Agent.

Experimenting ideas, actions and reactions , born raw, as not drawn in terms of understandings of Research and Analysis, things get entangled and the results are fore in the shape of rowdy tempests.

Situations do run all scary when the same are mistaken as an important component of any a struggle. Nothing erroneous to witness the end result of falling in such a precarious , scary situations, trembling one  to let energies fall in a whirl pool of crisis  where in  faculties of exposition of mirror  gets all hazy and  so let sanity to  fear to tread.

 Not inevitable on confronting any a State hegemony, the resistant forces stand to face on every front a befitting reply and the same is to annoy none. Reinforcement and propagation of counter strategies on either side determines ones Objectivity focus and does speak of strategic substance.


The forehead components of these striking powers on the ground zero do afford to read a matrix to yarn results. It is these strategies on either side which  determines their Objectivity focus and so speaking of merit likewise. It is translating of the polemical issues, of spaces born in the past or in the recent past, of possible commotions need more to be substantive than symbolic.

Reading the spectrum of past one need to turn to pages of  The Plebiscite Front (1955- 75) having occupied a long terrain of Twenty years (20 yrs) with political Sea saw to it’s name and as having scummed finally to all energies as worked out against its players. But amidst of all this one finds out that this Plebiscite Front had choose trajectory of People’s Representation  and before taking it’s flight to the corridors of State Assembly and converting this energy to pass on resolution to Kashmir freedom the Plebiscite Front had taken back foot as fractured in it’s graphics.

After it Kashmir politics saw birth of Muslim United Front (MUF) in year 1986 almost on the same analogy lending belief in people’s representation through Electoral process and upon reaching to the floor of State Assembly to pass on resolution of Kashmir freedom and it being for the first time though raising issues political, civil rights, releasing of prisoners, Human Rights concern, roll backing of the then Governor’s ordinances etc a brisk  percentage of voting of more than 80 percent got to witness.


MUF was with it’s full vigour and vitality but at the end of the day it revealed that tables had turned , rigging employed to crush the voice. The main feature as forth come on failure of MUF candidates in the Election fray showed existence of “Selective Democracy” . Same got as Blot on the chapters of democracy and the bottom line expressed failure of choosing the Electoral process as a means to express as the matter being not within Britain and Kashmir not being Scotland.

Same let the belief that Electoral process is no way to lead to project people’s voice seeking of peaceful resolution of Kashmir. A new mind set got impetus which totally rejected the Electoral trajectory to address RSD (right to self determination) and all the same crafted youth to prefer death to subjugation , lead the energies likewise .with the bugle of insurgency one saw Hurriyat conference into being which unlike of Plebiscite Front , Muslim United Front rejected Electoral process and got successful in maintaining their write on the ground to a greater extent. All this seems to had been with the vision to let State Assembly to be redundant, to mount pressure and let State hegemony to address to RSD  .

At the same time it being all true that beyond going rhetoric to Election Boycott nothing concrete got visible. It has been more symbolic rather than any substantive.

Along this political canvass state witness armed rebellion , consuming lives almost in daily rate basis, making one to confessions and to admissions as part of any a dreadful page of history in the world. It is during this phase is from 1990 military took vital spaces in public life.same got as an  institutionalized chapter. In this phase  life stands captivated, caught between the devil and deep sea, all horrible having lead to  social imbalance, to Mafia’s, to state of despondency, to state of depression and what not.

Be said every component of life is fractured and meaning , scope of life has got totally narrowed down to a mere animal life. Along all this one finds that Hurriyat virtually stands contained and controlled in terms of movements, programmes. Their voice stands to be choking day by day as their leaders  stand imprisoned, even placed outside the state. We see  laws operating harshly. One does note now constitutional provisions are too being thrown to challenge before Apex court of the country. This is a dreadful state of political war in operation just to muzzle the stamina of voices  risen against state hegemony.

This battle seems entered in every walk of life and in this state of affairs Huriyat is again rhetoric on Election boycott and nothing more. This card has been proving counter productive amidst all the parameters as aforeheld quoted where often hoping against hope Huriyat has been many a times standing with a big question mark to her very existence. The recent election of local bodies shown entry of otherwise unwanted ideology. To say that functioning of local Body is mere for sweeping of garbage and to have Civic amenities is a misnomer when actually it has been always a source of gross root political activism. So the public spaces are being let to be occupied not by men of  choice and merit.

Things have not stopped at this point but the pendulum of understandings of the issues is swinging from Electoral process to Boycott hypothesis through it’s  middle space which no more belittle the public sentiment of RSD but at the same time enjoying legislative immunity are open  for conferences, to project human rights violations, to political , civil concerns of the day.


So the situation being all precarious in every segment when unlike of the players of middle stream as aforeheld huriyat leaders voice is getting choked day by day and it is so THE POINT  BLANK  speaks to let Huriyat to  consolidate all the energies, to move ahead with proactive assimilate components and likewise hunt for no corner to be left to employ hegemony adopting the Midway path or to be at least commodious to it and  to let society simultaneously to grow and to let things as to RSD be crafted by win win situations as it being a fact that the  venture as undertaken by Huriyat here can never be read as any a time bound project.

Views expressed by the author are his own.