Pregnant Lady Dies of Medical Negligence at MCH in Islamabad- Alleges Family

July 21

Suhail Dar

Kashmir’s healthcare is often in news for the wrong reasons, in yet another disappointing incident, the family of a 30 year old alleged that the lady who was undergoing treatment at Maternity and Child care hospital (MCH) in Sherbagh area of Islamabad (anantnag) district died due to Doctor’s negligence.

The Family of Shazia Jan who was a resident of Shamsipora area in Islamabad (anantnag) district speaking to The Kashmiriyat said that Shazia was admitted in the hospital on the 17th day of July  after she had to undergo delivery in the hospital. “She was operated upon the morning of the next day (18 July) and around 12 Noon, she was referred to Srinagar.” they said.

They said that after she again started witnessing immense pain. “The doctors examined her and said she had high blood pressure,” a relative of Shazia told The Kashmiriyat.

The doctors referred her to Srinagar’s Lal Ded Hospital, “But she had already passed away,” they alleged. “What was the need of shifting her if she had already died?”

Demanding strict action against the Doctor, The family of the deceased held a strong protest on Sunday morning alleging that the doctor’s negligence had led to the death of Shazia.

During the protests, one journalist was thrashed by an unidentified man after he reached the spot to cover the protests.

Various complaints have reached officials, however no actions has been initiated as of yet, the complaints are ranging from misbehavior of hospital staff with the patients and the non availability of doctors during early and night hours.

Hospital Superintendent, Mr. Zagoo upon being contacted by The Kashmiriyat said that he will investigate the matter.

A Police official upon being contacted said that the Police has launched probe into the matter and if the concerned doctor is found guilty, the Department will launch an FIR against the accused Doctor.