Pulwama Attack- We Feel Safe Here, Nobody Touched us- Non Kashmiris in Kashmir say

February 17

Amid growing attacks on Kashmiris in Indian states, the tourists and other non local workers in Kashmir have asked people to stop attacking Kashmiris outside Kashmir in wake of Pulwama attack on CRPF men.

The Kashmiriyat visited several places including Sopore township, Pahalgam, Islamabad (anantnag) township, Kulgam, Gulmarg and spokes to non Kashmiris to inquire whether they are feeling safe in the valley.

Tourists at Gulmarg and Pahalgam urging non Kashmiris to shun attacking Kashmiri students and workers said, “Kashmiris have treated us like family, they have given us warmth and love.”

They said that the growing attacks in various Indian states are worrisome and should stop immediately.

“Despite the news of attacks in India spreading like wildfire in the valley, nobody expressed any anger at us,” a tourist Ramesh Kumar, from Bhopal told The Kashmiriyat.

He said that owing to the shutdown in the valley, they could not get food anywhere, but a local from Pahalgam took them to their home and provided them with food.

Sonu Singh, A worker from Uttar pradesh’s Lucknow who has been in the valley for more than two decades expressed concern over the attacks on Kashmiris.

They said that such attacks should immediately be stopped and Kashmiris should not be threatened and harassed in the valley.

Sonu Singh has been in the Islamabad (anantnag) township for the past 21 years, “Even during my early days, people loved us and showed warmth, nothing has changed from then to now,” he said.

Expressing anguish over the harassment of Kashmiri students in Punjab, Ravinder Singh who is a trader asked Indians not to become fodder to political agenda.

“Some people are trying to help their vote bank by dividing India on communal lines, such politics will only divide india,” Ravinder told The Kashmiriyat.

Post an attack on CRPF men on Thursday, which caused the death of 50 CRPF troopers, anguish and anger is being witnessed in parts of India, This anger has resulted in attacks and threats against Kashmiris residing in various parts of India.

There have been reports of attacks on Kashmiris after the Pulwama Attack in Bihar, Dehradun, Punjab, Haryana, Chattisgarh, and Jammu.

Senior politicians including the former chief Ministers of Jammu Kashmir have appealed people to stay calm.

The Indian Home Ministry has issued a directive to states to ensure the security of Kashmiri students.

Author: News Desk