“Ratt Pitt” Brigade of Kashmir


(Representational Art)

Tawseef Nazir

“Ratt Pitt” is a Kashmiri word Symbolic to the nation who only talk, and then talk again and again and then again and again. Indeed all they do is, talk and talk more and in a more specific nomenclature- They are no more than Social Media Comrades- they may come in any disguise, sometimes of an activist as columnists, Reporters, and even supporters of certain causes and Nations, but all they do is talk and talk again and again and again.

Other than the fact that they have an exaggerated sagacity of self importance, they are commonly riveted in fantasies of authority, triumph, splendor or vividness; they have irrational prospect of other people, i.e. that everybody’s Moral Right is to unthinkingly obey them. Apart from the fact that they crave constant validation, admiration and respect from the world, this breed of “Ratt Pitt” always ends up shifting the attention onto themselves in conversations. They do this by giving a few “supportive responses” so as not to appear rude, but end up using more “shifting responses.”

They always speak about something really boring, and keep repeating what you’ve just said in different ways.  You’ll look a bit manic, but oh well. Set a time limit.  After half an hour or an hour leave the conversation, after you will think, you have probably convinced them, that they are insanely debating the untruthful, the next time they return back, repeating the same shit, because their only cause to land up into a conversation is to talk and repeat the same process every hour, every day, every week and every month.

The “Ratt Pitt”Gang” is riddled with pointless talk, insane quantities of words and images. Reason,  Facts and Logic don’t stop such people from expressing utopia; what a relief would it be to have them, say nothing, the right to say nothing, because only then is there a chance of framing the rare, and ever rarer, thing that may be very much worth saying.

You might reach a stage where you love “taciturnity.” Silence though suggests distance between people, which suggests a potential enemy, but you will start praying five times a day to thank Allah that they are now you enemies because all they do is talk and just talk.

The “Ratt Pitt”Gang beyond doing just talking; may other qualities that distract you from the central issues. They may be charming, funny, self-deprecating at just the right moments, Writers and bright, but as stated earlier, they fashion the befuddlement speculations of facts in a la la land, in their La la Chocó Land, they are masters of all arts and comrades of the Kashmir struggle and everything they do including pissing in the washroom is for the Freedom Struggle of Kashmir, They might get arrested for abusing someone or stealing a note of 100 Rupees from the blind beggar, ‘We are the Movement.’ This happens mainly when Stone Throwers are dying on the streets and thousands are facing pellets and bullets or may be some rebels have been killed too, They continue their ‘per per’ on Facebook and whatsapp or even write, “In the hearts of Green Birds”-But all they mean is, Bro- You are killed now, we had done nothing and we will do nothing, neither do we care to anything other than our ‘Per per’.

Sometimes you may be stunned seeing them near Ground Zero but Please Do not be, They have come to click a photo and to tell you we can do something beyond ‘”Ratt Pitt”’, but all they will do there too is interruption, distraction by coddling into their normal “Ratt Pitt” and then submit distorted details to have a share of the stinking paper that is no better than the toilet paper.

They are the brigadiers of this fantasy Army which never commits mistakes like the RSS and heavenly enlightenment swallows up each body part of theirs including the stinking A*s.  They are the lieutenants of a Strong Islamic Army, but their days start by peeping into their Chocó Land- Facebook and days end probably at a Chat with a Divine Lady. They do nothing but claim to be sympathizers of some army, a flag, a slogan, a cause and spread things about the loyalists of this struggle and they, all they do is “Ratt Pitt”

They perhaps are expectant of a mirror but with a smiley face slapped on top of it, not a separate person with thoughts and ideas and principles of their own. We Might find their ideas comrade-ic initially, but then, bored and gradually angered by the nature of their irrational thoughts. It’s usually not a pleasant sensation, trust me. Even if we’re not conscious it’s happening, we can feel something is wrong and much to your rescue, Psychologists found this term ‘emotional dumping.’ They tell the world (ignorant) that they live for a cause, but they live for talking, Trust me merely that and if you think they are comrades of any cause, They are only on social media, lying to you.

With such toxic-venters, the equation always is when they are “wounded,” it’s always mortal, and the other is always to blame. The only way out, unless you would rather make peace with the toxicity, is out.