Restrictions lifted and then re-imposed after protests at Islamabad (Anantnag) on the day of Arafah.

14th of Aug, 2019

Authorities on  Sunday, 11th of August decided to lift restrictions in the Islamabad Township to see the public response. However, out of nowhere, a group of Burka Clad Women carrying placards and raising Anti-India Slogans marched towards the Lal Chowk Area.

Eyewitnesses said that they assembled at the Chowk and kept raising slogans like “Hum Kya Chahte, Azadi” and  “Yeh Mulk Humara hai, Iska Faisla Hum Karenge”. In a short moment, a group of youth joined the protests and continued raising slogans. When police reached the spot and seeing the situation growing uncontrollable, they were left with no option but to disperse the crowd using sound and tear gas shells.

Right after the incident, a strict curfew was re-imposed in the old township of Anantnag