Rise of Third Front? Shehla Rasheed Likely to Join Shah Faesal

March 14

Hitting out at the Centre, Omar Abdullah had remarked that the Governments at the centre have always tried to divide the public opinion in Kashmir, by dividing the vote bank in Kashmir and uniting the same in Jammu region.

Omar Abdullah’s comments came after the former IAS officer, Shah Faesal’s entered into Kashmir’s Political space, however Shah Faesal has said that he is not a creation of the deep state or any agencies.

Now there are speculations that Shehla Rasheed, a student activist may also enter into politics, Shehla Rasheed interestingly has nurtured in Communist politics during her student activism, it was highly speculated the last year that she will enter into Kashmir politics.

However key analysts and Journalists believe that the new entries into politics are very unlikely to make any change in the politics. “It is unlikely that these people will make any change in Kashmir’s political scenario, you can talk of tortoise steps, when people have moved poles distant from India, Shah Faesal is speaking 1987 in 2019, it is almost game over for Indian Democracy here,” a professor of Political science in Degree College of Islamabad (Anantnag) said.

Though, Shehla has not officially announced her entry into politics like Faesal, however Sources told The Kashmiriyat that she will enter into Kashmir’s Political arena before the Assembly elections.

Meanwhile Sources within Kashmir’s key regional party National Conference expressed dissent over this constant rise of measures to divide the vote bank in Kashmir valley. “They have always planned to break down National conference, whether it is the creation of PDP of any third front,” he said.

The Kashmiriyat recently conducted a poll asking users whether they see any hope in Shah Faesal’s entry into politics. Out of more than 3000 people who voted, 80 per cent thought the youth did not see any hope in him, while 20 per cent believed otherwise.

Author: News Desk