Roadside Vendors Thrashed by Government Officials in Islamabad (Anantnag) Township

May 03

Suhail Dar

The roadside vendors in the Islamabad (anantnag) township in South Kashmir have alleged that they were rounded up and thrashed by the officials of the Municipal committee of the Islamabad (anantnag) township.

The vendors alleging the officials thrashed them without any provocation speaking to The Kashmiriyat demanded strict action against the Executive official of the Municipal council.

They said that the Municipal council has been taking a fund of 30 rupees per day to be on the streets and earn their livelihood to feed their families. “We are the residents of this township, we do not want officials from other places to tell us to not be here,” a roadside vendor told The Kashmiriyat.

“If they had to take any action against us, they could have just dealt with it properly, which part of Law allows them to thrash us,” Abdul Hameed told The Kashmiriyat. Appealing the higher ups to intervene, the vendors said that one of the vendor was severely thrashed by the officials.

Upon being contacted by The Kashmiriyat, the executive officer said that he is just following the orders of the Deputy commissioner of the district who has told them to not allow roadside vendors to occupy the road sides.