Secularism and Minorities- ‘On Target’ in India

March 11

Advocate Syed Mujeeb

To be Secular Or  Hindu Rashtra-

Parameters are same or are to swing is the matrix in the Pandora box to fiddle with, with no malafides but to reach to understandings of this vital issue which has fractured the society with bruises and  scars  visible on its body.

The Preamble of the Indian Constitution  clearly preserves the face and soul of the collective whole living here in the valuable expressions like Secular, Socialistic,  Democratic  etc etc. And the same in none of the interpretations can lend meaning otherwise than Secular or as the case be studied.

While coming on “Nationalism “the political parties instead to come up concrete,  prudent and energetic  are found to be with altogether  different  tenor and tone and resultantly instead of horizontal  growth one marks iron vertical one is in the former of particular religion or region. To be a bit illustrative here at bigger level we find politics here in terms of religion in promotion rather in the words and frame of Secular  simply to add and increase their vote bank. And likewise  regional level parties are busy in exploiting regional polity to have their vote bank strong. So at both tiers one finds fiddling with the preamble of the Constitution  in practical  and that too in the broad day light.

It is output of this vote bank politics in contrast to concrete  one as otherwise ought to have been that loose expressions  are to be fulcrum to make the day.

“Van day Matram” if not be spoken at the instance of its franchise  holders he is to be lynched,  he is to be heckled and brought down to kneels and this hooliganism  is born to be a true Nationalist. This trend is being observed to be getting impetus day by day irrespective of understanding it’s true nature.  To stress upon such things which do not fall within the true character  of being secular are found to be taken of enforcement  of  some religious backed ideology and it’s characters   speaking He man’s language is not found digestible on ground and so out come of it being simply to keep the pot of communal flare boiling and so it boils day by day with scant feeling of doing no good towards the Nation. .

The voices growing of Ram Raj  in the slogans on streets as jis ko yah a rahna ha…Ram Ram kahna ha  are virtually nothing except of creating fear among a sect other than this particular belief and so morally ethically to retrograde them and compel and  let them think of classification of citizenship within Constitution when it is not so. This unhealthy way of politics growing here is all to lead a discontent and discomfort  in the society at large.

It is to drift and displace the framework of constitution on practical blends from cohesive  interests to fragmentation and this segregation within be under any name or colour .for this reason sufficient sludge stands accumulated in the Pandora box seeking it’s filtration to come clean as how we the  meaningful commitment is being spelled by the political parties on the ground.

The Rule of law does speak to seek an answer to these questions  from the Constitution itself and same replies in the words as political parties working need to be diametrically positive  as a collective whole and they need to be on merit in terms of manifestos and which   in turn pre supposes  to be all concrete  meaningful towards  one and all ,on merit and progress  and not divisive one be  so under any colour or language.

 The orbit of political activism when stands ignited within a particular religious tenor a question is to be answered  as gets born in the circumstances  as whether they run in consonance  to preamble or get into any a new circle , the one not recognised  in constitution  and so to be secular or not to be is to be understood  in the verbatim of constitution or is to be read in terms of so held political institutions. To mean secular is to be so one who vouches to the voices of Hindu rashter , to fall in line within their unique terminology the one not imbibed from the preamble  of the Constitution.

To exude for the love of Nationalism is not any a novel thing .it has had been from the past every where in the world but when things are translated  within a specific religious approach or through the culture of any a majority population questions are to arise as to what is being to be secular here. Is it to kneel down to acknowledge  to be for a  Hindu Rastra is to be secular  or the same is definitely not any a correct reading of the regulo.

Author: News Desk