Shivling Melts Completely- 2,42,165 Yatris Have visited Till Now

July 24

The ice shivling at the Amarnath cave in Jammu Kashmir has melted completely, as on Sunday evening.

“The shivling has melted but ‘Mata Parvati’ is still intact,” camp director Sachin Jamwal told media reporters.

The yatra is still continuing and approximately 5,000 pilgrims are visiting the cave every day. “Whether or not the shivling melts, yatris continue to visit because the cave itself has tremendous religious significance,” Jamwal added.

On the 27th day of the Shri Amarnathji Yatra, 1,629 Yatris paid obeisance at the Holy Cave. Till date 2,42,165 Yatris had the darshan of the Shivling at the Holy Cave.