Sister’s Letter to her Militant Brother

Rifat Sadiq

The Letter was Published by The Kashmiriyat on July 04,2018

Burhan Soab, It all started since you have left, a shining star that was known for your wisdom, compassion and unbelievable patience. We are stunned, shattered with your decision that left us all in pieces. Yet! our courageous parents will stand on their toes and ask for forgiveness to Allah (swt ). In the meantime they keep gazing at the front gate that our son will show up any time, murmuring to each other do you know anything of him, did you find any clue, where he could be possibly, is he eating anything, is he even taking his medicines and what not we have to see them go through in your absence. We wish you were here to see yourself the grave and grim life of your ailing mother and father.

Sometimes a person feels the path he has chosen is the ultimate path of success, but think about it who would want his parents to suffer mercilessly, have they not raised us to be their old age strength, have they not had aspirations and dreams. We all get carried with our emotions and in that there is always someone who would come to hijack whatever little we are left with. Our father had a dream of seeing his elder son become a Doctor and yet he feels dejected and deceived, how come we are on a right path if we end up killing our parents slowly and mercilessly. Let’s show some empathy with our parents and be there reason of calmness not the reason of catastrophes, have they not seen enough in their lives, have they not suffered earlier tell us why we would we make them suffer more, you are our hope to end all our sufferings and yet you left us in darkness. I know you understand the consequences of your decision and its implications on our parents who are already battling their life.

And while i am writing i keep cleaning your books, look up to your room, upto its four walls where i see the reflections of your face, your voice echoes in my ears as if you’re Calling me out loud “Riffat Di” and yet i cannot hear. This is the worst feeling being in your room without you around and holding your trophies and medals. If this was supposed to be our destiny then i better would end up my life before you could even think of leaving us in the middle of nowhere.

To conclude i request all of you to ask our ailing Brother return home for his own health for his parents who are battling with life threatening diseases, i know as a society we can be the drivers of change. Let us prove it this time.

Long live Kashmir- Long live Humanity.

P.S I love my Brother

(Rifat Sadiq who is psychologist, is a sister of Burhan Ganie from South Kashmir’s Islamabad township who recently joined the Militant Ranks)