This is The Best Time to Remove Article 370- Ek Jhut Jammu

July 14

Ek Jhut Jammu expressed surprise over the attitude of the central government and said that the BJP fought and won the election on the issue of the removal of this special status of Jammu Kashmir and said that after coming to power, the BJP has not yet clarified its stand.

The Speakers emphasized on the BJP to clarify the situation on the issue and take immediate steps to remove it.

Most of the speakers said that the state needs a majority to end this special status and at this time the BJP has a clear majority. Despite this, the BJP is just talking that the special status of the state is temporary and it will be removed.

The Ek Jhut Jammu Chairman Ankur Sharma said that 370 and 35 A is a dangerous weapon to which helps Kashmiri fundamenatlist who are trying to spread Jihaad in to India’s fundamentalists. “Until it will not end, jihad will not end from the country. This special status must end soon,” he said.