This Summer Plan a Trip to Harmukh and Gangbal in Kashmir Valley

June 07

Rayees Shah

Ganderbal The most enchanting high altitude trek in entire Kashmir valley is the one leading to the famous Lake of Gangabal situated at the foot of Mount Haramukh. This Lake is approachable either from Sonamarg.

Famous Naranag village

There are few hotel options with limited rooms in the village. Travelers basically need to carry their porches and other essential equipment’s as maximum people are engrossed in trekking. There is a river that runs beside the shrines, feed by glaciers and the Gangabal Lake located high up in the peaks.

Mountains around Naranag Trail

The mountains are desolate, apart from the local people who take their farm animals to nibble on the porches. The exquisiteness of Naranag lies in the truth that it is uninhabited, excluding the luxury of natural history. As you climb, there is serenity and even the hum of river evaporates at several places. Even you can spot certain species here like racoons.

At the valley, you will discover the leftovers of the antique shrine built with bulky granite rocks. The memorial looks enthralling with enormous granite stone blocks latent over one another. In the close locale, there is an undersized village with the limited populace.

There is a temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva/ Photo- The Kashmiriyat

How about enjoying Nara-nag Weather?

Even the parched month has a lot of rain. The standard temperature is 7.8 Degree Centigrade. You will find the lowest rainfall in November, with an average of 28mm. Maximum rainfall takes place in the month of April, with an average of 152mm. July is the hottest season with 19.5-degree temperature, although January is coldest with -5.7-degree temperature.

All over weather is charming and beautiful with blue sky, snow and lots of greenery. In winters, this enormous place receives heavy snow, during that time you can go for skiing/ Photo~ The Kashmiriyat

Is it comfortable to go from Srinagar to Naranag?

Kashmir valley is not only famed for its luxuriant green grazing lands, snow-covered peaks but also for spiritual and chronological places. Nara-nag is one of the temples, which reminds wonder and is a devotee’s enchantment. There is a small village called Wangath, which is under the Ganderbal district, approx 50 km from Kashmir on Srinagar – Leh Highway. The Highway splits at a scrupulous place and there are symbols embark, which says Wangath. Srinagar to Naranag distance by road (50.8 kilometres) Driving: is 1 hour and 45 min via NH1 and Wangath Rd.

The parish of Wangath lies beside the intense forests on the edge of Bhuteshwara peak range beside the porch of the Kanka River, an arm of Sindh River. 8 kilometres to the east of Vasishthashrama or Wangath, privileged up in the Sindh valley, lies the blessed Nara-nag which links Kashmiri Pandits with Gangabal lake in 20th century.

The Kashmiri Pandits, cultivate till the final quarter of 20th century, out of the ritual beliefs in sanctify of the ashes of their family members in the Gangabal Lake as the final cremation for the calm and deceased soul.

The first grouping has seven temples, the largest temple has two access, which is opposed to each other in south-west and northeast direction-/ Photo~ The Kashmiriyat

Naranag to Gangabal Trek

Trekking from Naranag to Gangabal usually takes 5 days and it will be an awesome experience for you. One will have to trek around 5km to 9km a day. The exact Naranag to Gangabal trek distance is around 11 km, which can take up to 8 .5 hours. You have to do your preparations before visiting the places and trekking.