Three Yatris Die of Health Issues on way to Amarnath Cave

July 15

Three yatris died on the way to the cave due to health reasons during the ongoing annual Amarnath Yatra in south Kashmir Himalayas.

One of the three identified as, 52-year-old yatri Dimple Sharma, son of Mohan Lal Sharma, resident of Ludhiana, Punjab, suffered a massive cardiac arrest near the cave shrine, he was rushed to nearby medical camp, where he was declared dead.

The second Yatri also died of a cardiac arrest. She was identified as Sunder Devi wife of Mahinder Chauhan, a resident of Dolbata Ajmeer, Rajasthan.

The third Yatri also died after health issues.

He was identified as the 35 year old Ajay Malvia, a resident of Gangasyar, Madhya Pradesh.