To The Lost Militant Friend

January 27

Malik Mumin

From being an outstanding student to one of the youngest boy to pick up gun from south kashmir, Farhan Wani, a lad from Quimoh kulgam was the youngest member of his family survived by four
other family members.

Farhan from class 0-10 studied in one of the finest schools of islamabad (anantnag). He was a brilliant student and an outstanding mathematician. He was fond of mildly hot Lipton chai with bakerkhani (kashmiri bread).

He was my classmate and dearest enemy. we used to fight for reasons unknown.

Farhan was the most honest and sincere student of our batch & had the most lavish lifestyle
among us all. He always loved an edge technologically in gadgets and then guns.

Farhan had an unusual habit of tasting everyone’s lunchbox not only during our lunch breaks but also even during classes.

i personally wanted to punch his stomach (back then) but today i wish he was here among us to open and eat our tiffin boxes again.

Farhan came from a very principled and up standing family. It was not the kind of family that will
produce a militant.

His father Ghulam Mohd wani , is a very calm and cool man who is a headmaster in a govt. higher secondary. His mother Gowhara Jan worked in a social welfare department but later resigned.

His sister is a Junior Engineer & Elder brother pursuing his BSc Farhan from his early school days from class 9th was fond of talking about Militants of the valley.

I often, from him used to hear stories of Majid zargar, Dawood and many other Militant commanders from him. As he came from one of the most sensitive areas of south Kashmir, Khudwani.

So, protesting against atrocities was in his blood.

After clearing his 10th by getting 9.6 CGPA, Farhan took non-medical and was taking tuition on KP
road anantnag (anantnag’s coaching centre hub).

I still remember his physical appearance as of an Afghan. Oiled long hairs, kameez yazaar, long shoe sometimes.

on June 14th, 2017 Farhan left his home for tuition to attend his physics class but never returned
back. Instead, he had joined a group of militants.

Farhan survived for almost 7 months after joining the militant ranks. in this time we saw his
several photos with other commanders. But this path always had a short lifetime but we all avoided this harsh truth.

These 7 months were the toughest period for his family members and everyone who cared for him.

His father even wrote a letter to him on his sons facebook timeline saying,” My dear son,
since you left us my body has started to betray me. I am screaming of the pain which you have
given and still believe that you will come back home from the day you left home to your school.”
“I can’ explain how much I miss your smiling face, it had almost been six months, there is not a
minute that goes by that I don’t think about you. I hope you are OK. I hope you are well. I am your
father and if I do not tell you this, no one else will. Don’t bear grudge towards those who are not
good to you. No one in this world is going to treat you well except your father and mother,” he

He then requested Farhan to come back and start afresh.

“Dear son, we request you to come back and start again and we will help you in every manner
otherwise the path which you have chosen will not lead you to anywhere other than pain, stress
and betrayal and may be the time will come that you come back and never see us again,” said
Ghulam Wani.

“Come back, we are missing you,” he concluded.

On 9 January 2019, the family and everyone woke up and listened the news of his unwanted truth. The truth nobody wanted to listen.

Farhan was tracked by Indian security forces and a gunfight had begun in larnoo village of kokernag. Farhan was slain now.

…………….And we lost another budding flower and a pious soul to this war.

This Jan 9,2019 we (batch mates) went to his home on his 1st anniversary. As we
entered this main gate i had a flash in my mind that someday farhan would have entered the gate
and today he was not present between us.

His mother broke into tears as soon as she saw us.

Maybe she was trying to find her son in us. We talked to her & she was smiling and crying at the
same time as she recalled the moments from past. “Aaz te chum basan farhan soub ye te wanam
mummy chai de banayeth” (Even today i feel Farhan will come and say mummy prepare tea
for me) she said and cried and cried and cried. i could feel the pain of a mother how she was dying
to see her son again and that hurt.

She forced us to have lunch at their place but we at first instant started to refuse saying we
already had our lunch. But she said “zan basem farhan soub chum khevan ye” and slit my/our
heart into a million pieces.

This time it was uncontrollable and we all stood up went to her, crying. we hugged her and i felt like i was hugging Farhan and probably she too was feeling the same.

A mother lost her son to this war and the pain cant be described in words.

we miss you a Farhan. I miss you. i still have echos of your voice in my head. You will be always
in our hearts.

Forever, Till we meet on the other side.