Trees Cut Months Ago As Directed by Officials- Qazigund Residents Await Connecting Road

July 18

The Revenue officials of Jammu Kashmir Government by the end of last year visited the Bihama and Mondhole areas of Qazigund in South Kashmir to undertake the necessary pre-construction procedures for a road construction in the area.

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Locals speaking to The Kashmiriyat said that the officials directed the residents of the areas to cut down the trees along the path of the proposed roadway which will connect several villages to Qazigund via Reshipora area.

However, they alleged, that despite several months having passed away, none of the officials has visited the area again. “We even tried to raise complaints against the officials for delaying the proposed roadway, however no action has been taken as of yet.”

Crying foul, the residents of Bihama and Mondhole areas in Qazigund district said that they are facing various problems as the officials directed them to cut their tress.

They also said that they have provided land “free of cost” for the proposed roadway, but the construction is awaited from last eight months.

The Locals asked for the early intervention of Government officials to start the work for the construction of the road, which has been promised by Government.