Two Days After Father, Two Brothers of Active Militant Arrested in Kashmir

July 22

Two brothers of Tariq Ahmed Khan, who is an affiliate of Lashkar e Taiba in Kashmir and has been active since June last year have been arrested during a nocturnal raid at their house in Lal Chowk area of Islamabad township in South Kashmir.

Speaking to The Kashmiriyat the family sources said that Waheed and Abid Ahmed Khan, two of his brothers have been arrested during a nocturnal raid by Government Forces.

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Waheed Ahmed Khan, one of Tariq’s brother is the General Secretary of Jammu Kashmir Ummat e Islami- a pro Freedom amalgam operational throughout South Kashmir.

An official upon being contacted said that several youth have been arrested for questioning.

The arrest of the brothers of Tariq, The Laskar e Taiba Militant comes two days after the summoning of his father, Nazir Ahmed Khan by the Government Forces.

Nazir was released later on Saturday evening.

Sources meanwhile told The Kashmiriyat that at least eight to ten people have been arrested during nocturnal raids in this South Kashmir township.