When Muttton is Sold 500 Rupees Per Kilo

March 06

Violating the government Rate List, the butchers in various parts of the Kashmir valley are selling meat at Rs 500 per kilogram – at least 80 rupees higher than the Government approved rate.

Despite the administrative officials time and again repeating the availability of food and essentials in the market in abundance, Mutton sellers have been blaming the less availability of the supplies for the extra rates.

The meat consumption in Valley increases in the Winter months and in Ramadhan prompting the sellers to charge extra to make extra bucks.

“If we ask the Mutton sellers about the higher prices, they often blame the dealers, however for us the mutton has become almost unaffordable to the poor,” A Pulwama local, Abdul Rashid told The Kashmiriyat.

At various places in the Kashmir valley, Chicken is being sold 180 rupees per kilogram against the Government rate of 120 rupees per Kilogram.

Consumers are often told that the rates are at par with the Government Rate List.

The consumers from various places of Kashmir valley accused the government authorities of doing nothing to prevent overcharging.

Meanwhile the Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs has intensified market checks to regulate the mutton prices.