When Qazi Nisar Fell to Bullets of Unknown Gunmen

June 19

Aijaz Ahmed Reshi

On 19th June 1994, we all woke up to the tragic news, Dr. Qazi Nisar had fell to the bullets of unknown gunmen near Dialgam in the outskirts of islamabad town in South kashmir. The wails came from the rooftops, women mourned inside their houses, men ran back in tears from bakety shops, The news struck us like a hurricane or a tornado.
Every street burst with wails and slogans. The early morning gossips were solitarily of Wani’s last encounter with the Indian forces. “Our leader is no more!” people wailed everywhere, in the streets and from the Mosques.

Men came running to each other’s houses in utter disbelief and gathered in clusters, The Hero is no more. Finally his body reached Islamabad and no less than an ocean of people hit the streets of islamabad town carrying the body of the slain. Through the windows of their houses, women wailed and mourned, “Death to the enemy.”

Women in large numbers from nooks and corners of South Kashmir visited the home of slain Mirwaiz for in groups, as Thousands of people started marching towards Dialgam to bid adieu to the great leader. Women sang traditional folk to say Goodbye “Qaez Soubo, Alwaida”. Men chating ‘Dil dil Qazi Qazi, Jaan Jaan Qazi Qazi!’ marched the streets for five consecutive hours, i can tell you, nobody was home, nobody returned from the funeral, nobody was tired on a sunny june day.

People from as far as Chenab Valley and Tanghdar visited Islamabad to get the last glimpse of the fallen leader, It is undeniable that much of the mourning on display during the funeral, the honour of Dr. Qazi Nisar was a genuine outpouring of grief and shock at the slaying of an internationally known advocate of Peace. It is also true that an event of such magnitude occured spontaneously.

As the procession made its way through the town, bystanders joined in and the number of people marching grew; reports estimate at least 100,000 paraded that day. Describing the scale of the funeral, a local CID official had told me, that more than 1 lac people marched that day, recalling the assembly being “frighteningly enormous.” In addition to the marchers, tens of thousands of onlookers crowded onto sidewalks, walls, and rooftops.People, both men and women fainted during the funeral procession.

It was the only time that Mobile hospitals were set up after a distance of every 200 Meters as people kept fainting during the funeral of the slain leader, Many had to be shifted to the hospitals.

The Funeral prayers were held for three consecutive days and scholars from worldwide attended the funeral, Many Militants commanders fired in the air, as a mark of respect to the slain Mirwaiz of South Kashmir.

After he was shot dead, he did not take the name of his parents or his family or relatives, in fact his last words were, “Waii.! Khudaya Kashren pyeouw Tawan,” Translation, Who will speak for kashmiris now, since i am gone..